Huawei WATCH 4 Star Series smartwatch released, a brand new breakthrough in smartwatch technology

Huawei released a new smartwatch, the WATCH 4 Star Series, with cutting-edge technology

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 18th, Huawei officially held a summer all-scenario new product launch conference, bringing many new products including MatePad Air, MateBook X Pro series, Vision Smart Screen 3 series, etc. Among them, the Huawei WATHC 4 series was also newly released, achieving new breakthroughs in appearance design, smart health, intelligent experience, and excellent performance, perfectly integrating technology and intelligent experience, bringing consumers a better smart health experience.

In terms of appearance design, the Huawei WATCH 4 Star series watch brings six planet series designs including Blue Titanium Earth, Jupiter Brown, Mars Titanium, Venus White, Saturn Brown, and Phantom Moon Black. Among them, Blue Titanium Earth uses a unique blue titanium alloy case and the industry’s first recycled nylon composite strap, highlighting a special design sense. Moreover, the surface fabric fiber of the recycled nylon composite strap is made from recycled fishing nets and textiles. While taking into account the wearing comfort, it also fulfills the social responsibility of protecting the blue earth, giving a different feeling when worn on the wrist. It is worth mentioning that the Huawei WATCH 4 Pro is also the industry’s first smartwatch to use a sapphire glass dome and is equipped with a titanium alloy case, making it more durable overall.

In terms of smart health, the Huawei WATCH 4 Star series watch brings richer and more powerful health monitoring capabilities, and is the first in the industry to support research on high blood sugar risk assessment, and adds functions such as vascular age detection and cardiovascular risk screening. The high blood sugar risk assessment research of the Huawei WATCH 4 Star series watch was jointly initiated by Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and the China Medical and Health International Exchange and Promotion Association. After wearing it continuously for more than 7 days, it provides risk assessment for high blood sugar. The evaluation results are divided into three categories: high risk, medium risk, and low risk. For low risk, it is recommended to continue to maintain regular work and rest. For medium risk, it is recommended to wear a professional blood glucose meter to perform numerical testing. For high risk, it is recommended to seek medical testing in a timely manner. The support of the Huawei WATCH 4 Star series watch for high blood sugar risk assessment research not only reduces the threshold for high blood sugar screening, but also helps more people to prevent disease before it occurs.

With Huawei’s continuous research in the field of smart health, the Huawei WATCH 4 Star Series watch now supports multiple health management capabilities, such as ECG electrocardiogram analysis, heart health research, vascular health research, lung function evaluation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) risk screening, and pulmonary infection risk screening. At the same time, the Huawei WATCH 4 Star Series watch has the industry’s leading one-click micro-examination feature, which only takes 60 seconds to test 10 health data, including heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, temperature, electrocardiogram, vascular elasticity, vascular risk screening, lung function evaluation, COPD risk screening, and pulmonary infection risk screening, and generate a micro-examination report. Moreover, experts from JD Health Internet Hospital can provide professional report interpretation services, bringing users a more convenient micro-examination experience and more professional health management services.

In terms of smart experience, the Huawei WATCH 4 Star Series watch is equipped with the new HarmonyOS 3.1, which upgrades in the three major areas of independence, interaction, and interconnection, bringing an extremely smooth full-scene smart experience. It supports eSIM independent communication, the first to support the independent navigation application Petal Maps, and adopts a new UX design and UX animation effects. It also introduces the universal card function of the Hongmeng operating system for the first time on a wearable device, supporting one screen and one scene, and bringing users a smarter operating experience. Overall, the release of the Huawei WATCH 4 Star Series watch once again leads the development of smart wearables and also becomes a more professional wrist health assistant for users.

The Huawei WATCH 4 is priced at 2699 yuan and up, while the Huawei WATCH 4 Pro is priced at 3399 yuan and up. The Huawei WATCH 4 series will start pre-sales at 21:08 on May 18th, and officially go on sale at 10:08 on May 30th. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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