Huawei will launch the System Cloud Renovation feature on August 8, which will initially support the P40 series

Huawei will launch System Cloud Renovation feature on August 8, initially supporting P40 series

【Phoneauto News】On July 28th, Huawei Terminal Company officially announced the launch of the “System Cloud Refurbishment” feature, which provides free cloud space to help system refurbishment and make phones smoother. Initially supported by Huawei P40 series and Huawei Mate30 series, more supported models will be released gradually.

System Cloud Refurbishment

The steps of System Cloud Refurbishment are very simple and can be divided into the following steps: application market security check, cloud backup of local data, factory reset, and cloud recovery of local data.

Open “My Huawei App”, click on “Service”, then click on the upper right corner – “Quick Service”, and click on “System Cloud Refurbishment” to find this feature. Before officially starting the cloud refurbishment, the application market will perform an application security check to scan and identify malware. After the application market security check, confirm the data that needs to be backed up (free), click “Back up now” to start backing up the data. After completing the data backup, click “Next” and follow the on-screen prompts to start the factory reset. After completing the factory reset, click “Next” to perform cloud data recovery.

Huawei launches the “System Cloud Refurbishment” feature

After using a phone for a certain period of time, it may become slow and laggy. In response to this issue, Huawei has launched the “System Cloud Refurbishment” feature, which simplifies the process of organizing fragmented files on the phone and improves system operating speed through cloud data backup, factory reset, and cloud data recovery. The first batch of “System Cloud Refurbishment” experience officers were recruited in April 2022.

When a phone runs for a long time, it generates many small cache files, such as images, small videos, emoticons, and voice messages. Additionally, as users save and delete image and video files, it can lead to fragmented storage space and decreased file access speed. Huawei’s “System Cloud Refurbishment” specifically targets the lag caused by fragmented storage space. However, it cannot greatly improve lag caused by hardware performance.

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