Wall Street veteran Tesla Cybertruck will be popular among young buyers

Tesla Cybertruck popular with young buyers on Wall Street

【Phoneauto News】The Cybertruck is Tesla’s most anticipated product today. However, it is also Tesla’s most ambitious vehicle. There has never been any other similar vehicle released in the past. Therefore, when the Cybertruck starts to be delivered to customers, it will signify that Tesla is turning a new page.

Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck was never intended to be a vehicle that everyone likes. Its design intentionally polarizes and does not shy away from a sense of “futurism”. Elon Musk has even stated in the past that if the Cybertruck fails, Tesla will only release a traditional-looking pickup truck. However, considering that the pre-orders for this all-electric pickup truck have already reached 1.9 million, the Cybertruck is likely to be a successful vehicle.

Gary Black, a Wall Street veteran and partner at Future Fund Management, recently talked about the Cybertruck on CNBC’s Last Call program. Black mentioned in his speech that the Cybertruck could bring another halo effect to Tesla, similar to what the Model Y has brought to the company. Black estimates that this is a good thing for Tesla investors.

Tesla Cybertruck

“It is big, bold, and magnificent. You have received 1.9 million orders. That is a huge number. This thing may start delivering at the end of the third quarter. The base model’s price will be below $50,000 (approximately 358,400 yuan), and it will roll around like a rolling billboard all across the United States. People will see it, and they will say, ‘Wow, this is really interesting.’ They will go to the website, and they will order a Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X, or a Cybertruck.”

“You will create this halo effect, just like what happened when Model Y first debuted in the 20th century. This is even more grand because it won’t cannibalize any of Tesla’s existing products, as Tesla has never ventured into the pickup truck business. It won’t cannibalize anything. This will be Tesla’s home run and will drive up the stock price,” Black said.

This Wall Street veteran also estimates that Cybertruck will find a loyal consumer base, especially among young pickup truck owners. Considering that Cybertruck has already successfully attracted millions of people’s interest since its launch at the end of 2019, such predictions are likely to become reality.

“Pickup truck enthusiasts, especially young people – pickup truck owners in their 40s to 50s will like it. It’s very different. It’s powerful… Its towing capacity is as great as the F-150. I’m telling you. Once it appears, people won’t be able to resist it,” Black said.

Musk has pointed out that Cybertruck is well worth the wait and can actually change the face of today’s roads. With the number of pre-orders and the potential to lead the industry in specifications and performance, Cybertruck may achieve even greater success than what Musk or Tesla predicted.

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