Space Cross-Screen Assistance Empowers Huawei’s Full House Smart 40 to Start a Space Interaction Revolution

Huawei's Full House Smart 40 uses Space Cross-Screen Assistance for a space interaction revolution

【PhoneAuto News】On May 18th, Huawei held a summer all-scenario new product launch conference, officially releasing the whole-house intelligent 4.0. The industry’s first space-time traversal screen, the whole-house intelligent central control screen S2, made its debut, and the new interactive device, the intelligent MINI, also appeared for the first time. In addition, interactive functions such as super-fast control and intelligent voice also received upgrades, and the subsystem ecology was further expanded. After experiencing the starting and attacking phases, Huawei’s whole-house intelligent 4.0 will truly ignite the spatial interaction revolution and write the three-part evolution of Huawei’s whole-house intelligent space through the upgrade of core interactive products and technologies.

In Huawei’s whole-house intelligence, interaction plays the role of a quality change point for spatial intelligent experience. Only by creating a good enough human-computer interaction experience can everyone better accept the whole-house intelligence. The whole-house intelligent central control screen S2, which made its debut this time, is the industry’s first space-time traversal screen, realizing five traversals. The five traversals of this screen also vividly demonstrate the leading and unique nature of Huawei’s whole-house intelligent 4.0 in the industry.

The first traversal is the physical form of spatial interaction, which can be used on the table, on the wall, or held in the hand. For the industry, they often make wall-mounted screens, which have many usage restrictions and relatively fixed usage scenarios, requiring users to adapt to the device rather than the device providing the most suitable service.

The second traversal is the distance of spatial interaction. It can complete the visual and controllable status of the whole-house space subsystem on a single central control screen, avoiding the embarrassment of only controlling one space on one screen. No matter which space you are in, you can control other spaces, and interaction is no longer limited by space.

Passage three, automatic recognition and intelligent switching of space, no need for manual settings, the operation is more refined. The intelligent central control screen S2 can be generated according to the scene, and the central control screen can be transformed into different scenes in different spaces. When switching from one space to another, the current space can be automatically recognized.

Passage four, the passage of user space intention can meet the needs of users to create space scenes and better create exclusive scenes. While achieving sufficient intelligence, Huawei Smart Home can also achieve exclusive customization for thousands of people, which is more personalized.

Passage five, rich interaction methods enable the passage of space, and the smart voice control system can control the current system according to the user’s current space, making interaction more natural. I can use voice control to control the central control screen in the bedroom while I am in the bedroom, and I can control the central control screen in the living room with my voice while in the living room. This experience is also the most natural and intuitive, allowing consumers to use it over and over again without confusion.

In addition to the full-house smart central control screen S2, the intelligent MINI is also an important role in Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0, with four major advantages of wire-free flexible placement, one-touch scene writing, single scene rapid access, and AB scene switching, which meets the user’s intention of controlling any location and space anywhere. With a simple touch, scenes can be written in and, after completion, the intelligent MINI can be placed in the most suitable position to achieve one-touch rapid opening and closing of a single scene, making interaction between users and spaces simpler.

The whole-house intelligent central control screen S2 and intelligent MINI, as very important interactive devices in Huawei’s full-house intelligent 4.0, truly realize one space and one screen. At the same time, the central control screen can achieve space traversal, and the intelligent MINI brings arbitrary control at any location and space, realizing a more flexible interaction method, allowing space intelligence to be fully displayed and user needs to be better met, thoroughly activating the big game of full-house intelligence.

All along, space intelligence has faced three major challenges: connection, interaction, and ecology. Huawei’s full-house intelligence has continuously broken through in terms of connection, interaction, and ecology from 1.0 to 4.0. It pioneered the 1+2+N solution, with one series of intelligent hosts taking on the role of the computing center, providing full-house AI scene computing, decision-making, and distribution; two core solutions, through the full-house wired PLC + wireless network dual-network architecture, bringing higher stability, intelligent central control family + smart life App brings core interaction capabilities, reliability is 100 times that of the industry, transmission speed is 50 times, and cable savings are 90%; N subsystems, creating a Hongmeng smart interconnection ecology. Compared with other full-house intelligent solutions on the market, Huawei’s full-house intelligent 1+2+N solution brings reliable, convenient, and intelligent three major advantages, and with continuous evolution, connection, interaction, and ecology are also constantly innovating. It can be said that Huawei’s full-house intelligent experience has a high starting point and will create infinite possibilities for its future experience.

Fundamentally, Huawei has solved the three pain points of connection, interaction, and ecology from the bottom up by entering the full-house intelligent field through more than 30 years of technology accumulation in the communication field. With continuous innovation capability, it has created a set of extremely high availability and characterized by high reliability, intelligence, control, sensory, and affection features. The minimalist interactive full-house intelligent experience realizes the advantages of common and new space experience and worry-free decoration for ten years. In the future, with Huawei’s continuous exploration of space intelligence, interaction will be further simplified and natural, and ecology will become larger, bringing intelligent life to users.

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