So impressive? Lixiang Automotive may become the first Chinese new energy vehicle company to go abroad with its technology

Lixiang Automotive may be the first Chinese new energy vehicle company to go abroad with its impressive technology

【Phoneauto News】Once upon a time, China was a car powerhouse that relied on foreign investment in automotive technology. However, with the advent of the new energy era, China is also transitioning from being a car powerhouse to becoming a car powerhouse. Recently, according to Caixin, foreign enterprises are in talks with Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer Lixiang (Leapmotor) for technological cooperation, and there has been substantial progress. Once the cooperation is reached, Lixiang will become the first Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer to expand its technology overseas.

Lixiang C11

It is understood that Lixiang (Leapmotor) is one of the few new energy vehicle manufacturers in China that has the capability of full-domain independent research and development and manufacturing. Its business scope includes electric vehicle design, research and development, manufacturing, intelligent driving, motor control, battery system development, and cloud computing-based connected vehicle solutions. Currently, it can achieve independent research and development, design, and production of core systems and electronic components. Its flagship AI intelligent driving chip Lingxin 01, advanced assisted driving system Leapmotor Pilot, intelligent cockpit system Leapmotor OS, and CTC battery pack and chassis integration solution have all achieved mass production.

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After experiencing a sales downturn at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Lixiang quickly returned to the forefront of the new energy vehicle market with its cost-effective strategy. According to official data released by Lixiang, it delivered 13,209 new vehicles in June, reaching a new historical high. Among them, the C series accounted for over 11,600 deliveries, exceeding 87%. The C11 model alone had over 8,900 deliveries.

June Sales of LINGPAI

In a previous open letter published by LINGPAI Motors, it stated that it is a very simple company: “We are not good at telling stories, we do not make phones or aircraft. Facing the turbulent market challenges, we have always focused on one thing: persistently conducting comprehensive self-research, and creating products with the ultimate price-performance ratio. The quality of our products has always been on par with luxury brands, and our service standard is to make users only need to make one trip at most.”

In the final part of the open letter, LINGPAI stated: “The future competitive landscape is becoming more complex and volatile. Our generation of new forces is gradually losing its novelty, and the success rate of relying solely on traffic to generate sales is getting lower and lower. Only by focusing and being professional can we achieve long-term development. By focusing on the price range of 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, we aim to create tangible products for more consumers and embrace a more real, down-to-earth, and impactful life.”

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