More expensive by nearly 200,000 compared to domestic prices! Ideal cars are privately exported to foreign countries

Ideal cars are exported to foreign countries at a significantly higher price, nearly 200,000 more than domestic prices

【phoneauto News】Recently, the CEO of Ideal Car, Li Xiang, expressed on social media that in the first two weeks of July, more than 200 cars were privately exported to foreign countries, and he exclaimed, “It turns out that parallel imports have become popular parallel exports now.”

Li Xiang revealed that the delivery volume and insurance volume in these two weeks differed by more than 200 vehicles. After detailed investigation, it was found that the main destinations for export were Central Asia and the Middle East. From the photos provided, it can be seen that an Ideal L7 is priced at 318,000 yuan in Kazakhstan’s tenge, equivalent to 5.143 million yuan, which is nearly 200,000 yuan more expensive than the domestic price.

Previously, Li Xiang emphasized that Ideal Car will not enter the overseas market before 2025, and will concentrate all resources to achieve the goal of 2025. We will still maintain a direct sales model for the overseas market. The goal of Ideal Car is to become the top-selling luxury brand in the Chinese market (i.e. the top-selling brand for all passenger cars priced above 200,000 yuan), with a delivery volume of 1.6 million vehicles per year. With the delivery of pure electric models and the Ideal L6 next year, Ideal Car is confident that it will surpass BBA in total sales volume by 2024.

According to phoneauto’s understanding, parallel export refers to the purchase of cars from the Chinese market by traders without authorization from the brand manufacturer, and then introducing them to overseas markets for sale. Parallel export cars are often very popular and in high demand, otherwise traders wouldn’t go through the trouble of transporting them from China to foreign countries.

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