Volkswagen Chief Designer EV design does not need to be fancy, just like ordinary cars

Volkswagen Chief Designer believes EV design should be simple, like regular cars

【Phoneauto News】 Nowadays, new energy vehicles are increasingly appearing in people’s lives. There is a view that the best-looking electric cars do not necessarily indicate their electric identity through design. The days of environmentally friendly light blue decorations, short front engine hoods, and long windshields may be gone forever. Apart from a few vehicles, the most satisfying electric car designs today may be the ones that look similar to regular fuel vehicles. Whether you agree with this view or not, at least the chief designer of Volkswagen will definitely support this approach.

Andreas Mintt, Chief Designer of Volkswagen

Andreas Mintt, the chief designer of Volkswagen, honestly said in a media interview, “The current Volkswagen electric cars, except for the retro-designed ID Buzz MPV and the ID 3 hatchback mainly targeting overseas markets, do not have popular models in terms of appearance.” In his opinion, now may be a good time to improve the design of Volkswagen electric cars.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

In February of this year, as part of new personnel appointments by Oliver Blume, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Mintt was transferred to his current position to improve the business situation of Volkswagen. Thomas Schaefer, head of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, warned at a recent internal meeting that the department is in a “desperate situation” and called for cost reduction and planned to take new actions.

In Mingte’s view, in order to make the electric vehicle business of the masses develop better, they need to look more like ordinary cars. Mingte told the media: “You don’t need to convince people, you don’t need to deliberately design new cars to look different. Just stay calm. As long as you do well and do it right, it will work.” He pointed to the design of the ID2 ALL concept car that he designed, which looks like a new Golf and looks pretty good.

Volkswagen ID2 ALL concept car

One of the reasons why Mingte did this is because he believes that electric vehicles are no longer the exclusive choice of a few early adopters. “New energy vehicles now account for 15% of the global market and over 50% of the Chinese market (according to the latest data from the China Passenger Car Association, the new energy penetration rate is 35.1%). This is no longer the exclusive business of some early new forces in the industry.” Mingte continued, “What does this mean for you and me? Well, when future Volkswagen inevitably launches electric versions of Golf GT or Golf R, don’t expect them to look much different from today’s fuel versions.”

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