Alpha Romeo CEO said they will not adopt a large central control screen as customers do not like it

The Alpha Romeo CEO stated that they will not use a large central control screen because customers dislike it

【phoneauto News】In today’s automotive market, two things have become mainstream: full LCD instrument panels and digital central control screens. With the continuous improvement of vehicle intelligence, more and more car companies are equipping their vehicles with large-sized central control screens. Among them are traditional luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. However, Alfa Romeo from Italy does not think so.

Alfa Romeo interior

Recently, in an interview with Autocar, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said, “I respect everything that Mercedes has done with its digital technology, but my customers do not want to see a one-meter-wide screen in their cars and use it to control hundreds of settings related to the vehicle. On the contrary, research has shown that Alfa Romeo customers want a relatively traditional interior, such as an instrument panel with a “cannocchiales” (telescope) function.”

Alfa Romeo executives said that in the future, car owners will be able to choose the level of autonomous driving they want at the beginning of each journey. This may seem redundant, but he said that although people will no longer need to drive themselves when autonomous driving technology matures, the best approach is to provide both fully manual and fully automatic driving options.

Mercedes interior

Although future models will adopt more advanced technology, Alfa Romeo does not intend to go to extremes. As Imparato explained, “Our job is not to provide all the lane-keeping, automatic parking, and active safety systems that we can provide just because our competitors have them.” Instead, he suggested that the company be selective and only provide things that add real value to consumers. “Some car companies add features just for the sake of adding features, while we pay more attention to the actual needs of users.”

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