New Stone Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra goes on sale today, with a special first-time price of 3399 yuan

New Stone Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra on sale today for 3399 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】Since May 16th, when Stone Technology’s official Weibo exposed its new floor washer – Stone A10 Ultra, the consumer market has been eagerly anticipating this product that can cover the entire house cleaning needs with no dead ends and strong suction. Now, this product is finally going to have its first sale. It is reported that at 20:00 on June 15th, Stone Technology’s new smart floor washer A10 Ultra will be available for first sale on Stone Technology’s official mall as well as on official flagship stores on platforms such as Tmall,, Suning, and Douyin. Users who pre-order before the first sale can get an immediate discount of 900 yuan and get it for 3399 yuan, and can also receive exclusive customized gifts (pre-order deadline is 6.15 19:30). First-sale users can enjoy a value-for-money accessory package, consult and share reviews for additional gifts, and 6 interest-free installments of multiple discounts.

As for cleaning, the Stone A10 Ultra smart floor washer uses a double roller and double internal rotation design. By rotating the double-row rollers in opposite directions, it can wipe both ways, which can handle scattered crumbs, dust, particles, and other debris on the floor, and can also suck up the water stains left during cleaning with its double-sided design. Even blind spots such as corners can be cleaned with the original T-shaped roller that can clean both sides without sticking to the edges, taking away the dirt in the gaps in one go, and leaving no blind spots. In addition, the double-directional design provides assistance when pushing forward and backward, achieving an effortless and efficient cleaning effect whether pushing continuously or repeatedly back and forth.

For Chinese families, household cleaning scenes are not limited to just floor cleaning. The Stone A10 Ultra smart floor washer uses a multi-in-one design that combines functions such as a bed mite remover, a wireless vacuum cleaner, and a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, to truly achieve all-around cleaning with just one machine.

As for self-cleaning, the Stone Intelligent Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra uses a scientific self-cleaning process that includes “full-link slow-release silver ions, two-way rubbing, intelligent addition of cleaning solution, and three-dimensional hot air drying” to fundamentally solve difficult problems such as brushes becoming dirtier when washed and easily breeding bacteria and odors.

In terms of battery life, the Stone Intelligent Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra uses a 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can work for more than 40 minutes on a single charge. With a larger capacity of clean water tank (950ml) and sewage tank (770ml), it can complete cleaning for medium-sized households without the need to refill water in the middle.

Overall, the Stone Intelligent Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra solves the problems of traditional floor scrubbers, such as difficult-to-reach corners, insufficient suction, cumbersome cleaning operations, limited application scenarios, and lack of intelligence, bringing consumers a leading experience of extreme cleanliness. The Stone Intelligent Floor Scrubber A10 Ultra will start its first sale at 20:00 tonight. Friends who have not yet made a reservation can pay a deposit through the official Stone Technology Mall, as well as official flagship stores on platforms such as Tmall,, Suning, and Douyin, and can enjoy a discount of 900 yuan as well as multiple gifts and discounts during the first sale.

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