Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer Version Announced, set to be officially released on May 31st

Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer Version announced, to be released on May 31st

【PhoneAuto News】As 618 approaches, major mobile phone manufacturers have become active. Nubia, which has been focusing on under-screen camera technology, announced the new Nubia Z50 Ultra photographer version on May 25th. It is named “Ultra”, born for imaging, and officially went on sale on May 31st at 20:00.

Regarding the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer Version, Nubia Technology Limited’s President, Ni Fei, also wrote an article to promote the model. In the article, he stated that Nubia has been on the road of deep cultivation of mobile imaging, from the SLR camera in mobile phones to star-shooting phones, and now to humanistic imaging. “One machine, one lens, walking the world” is the ideal pursuit of all photography enthusiasts, and the 35mm+85mm golden focal length of the Nubia Z50 Ultra photographer version can allow users to explore the world with dual lenses on one device, meeting various scenes from indoor to outdoor, street photography to humanistic photography.

Regarding the saying “a big bottom level crushes people, and the big bottom is the traffic password of the present,” Ni Fei always believes that one should not cover up strategic laziness with tactical diligence. Mobile photography is not a single-choice question, and there is no standard answer of either this or that. It is a precision calculation problem. Photography is a systematic problem. Behind an excellent work is the balanced and coordinated interaction of many factors such as focal length, aperture, aperture size, pixels, and sensors. What Nubia is trying to do is to find that “sweet spot” and find the precise equation that approaches the upper limit in the process of diminishing marginal effects.

According to PhoneAuto, the Nubia Z50 Ultra adopts a unique black stone aesthetic design, matched with a classic red circle design with multiple ring-shaped star track textures, giving it an overall simple and generous look. The front of the phone has a 1.68mm ultra-narrow forehead and a 1.48mm ultra-narrow border, and offers two color options: night sea and Dunhuang. In terms of imaging, the Nubia Z50 Ultra features an exclusive 35mm optical main camera and the industry’s first true master-grade 85mm portrait lens, which supports OIS optical stabilization and is capable of capturing stunning photos with just a snap of your hand.

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