OnePlus Ace2 Pro poster exposed, confirming collaboration with Genshin Impact! To be released this month

OnePlus Ace2 Pro poster confirms collaboration with Genshin Impact, releasing this month!

【Phoneauto News】OnePlus Ace2 Pro is scheduled to be released in August. Recently, the official has revealed a lot of information about the new phone, and there have also been many leaks about the phone online. On August 4th, a blogger discovered that the poster of OnePlus Ace2 Pro has appeared in offline stores, confirming the collaboration with the game “Genshin Impact”.

OnePlus Ace2 Pro poster exposure

From the poster, we can see that the slogan of OnePlus Ace2 Pro is “Reconstructing Performance Imagination”, which suggests that the performance of this phone will be outstanding. The phone has a triple rear camera setup, continuing the camera module design of the OnePlus family. It is available in two colors, blue and silver, and has a collaboration with “Genshin Impact”.

OnePlus Ace2 Pro leaks

According to the official announcement, OnePlus Ace2 Pro will be the first to be equipped with the “Aerospace-Grade Cooling System” worldwide, creating the largest VC area in the industry. It will feature aerospace-grade cooling materials, bringing aerospace-grade cooling efficiency and opening a new era of three-dimensional cooling. In terms of the processor, the official claims that OnePlus Ace2 Pro will only select the most powerful mobile chipset available on this planet. The new phone will also provide 24GB of RAM.

OnePlus Ace2 Pro rendering

Last time, OnePlus Ace 2 was the first in the industry to support 100+ games with a full 120fps, super-resolution for mainstream games, and super HDR image quality for mainstream games. OnePlus Ace2 Pro brings comprehensive upgrades: super frame rate and super resolution for mainstream games, and a new exclusive technology in the industry, which is worth looking forward to.

The aerospace-grade cooling system adopts an aerospace-grade spatial structure: the world’s first integrated dual-loop cooling, the world’s first Laval airway design, creating aerospace-grade cooling efficiency; aerospace-grade cooling materials: the world’s first aerospace-grade new generation diamond thermal gel, aerospace-grade new generation superconductive graphite, the strongest thermal conductivity in the industry; 9140mm large VC: the world’s first Tian Gong cooling VC, with an equivalent thermal conductivity of 400% of traditional VC.

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