Reverse Water Cold today launched the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Water Disaster Public Welfare Activity and will donate 3 million yuan

Reverse Water Cold launched the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Water Disaster Public Welfare Activity today, donating 3 million yuan

【Phoneauto News】Today, Netease announced the launch of a public welfare campaign for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei flood, and two prayer lanterns have been put on sale in the Netease game “Nishuihan”. One is priced at 0 yuan, and the other is priced at 10 Wenyu (equivalent to 1 yuan), with a limited quantity of one million. All proceeds will be donated to the disaster area. The Nishuihan project team will also donate an additional 2 million yuan to the flood-affected areas, totaling 3 million yuan.

Mr. Jin Yong once said, “The great essence of a knight is to serve the country and the people”; Mr. Wen Ruian also emphasized, “The small essence of a knight is to serve friends and neighbors.” The core of the martial arts spirit is always to help the needy and relieve difficulties.

For many years, Nishuihan has been practicing social public welfare with the concept of “Not feeling cold when swimming against the current, and chivalry is always warm”. It has carried out various social public welfare activities, including “Education Charity in Qianhu Miao Village, Leishan West River, Guizhou Province”, “Special Donation for Fighting COVID-19 in Hubei Province in 2020”, “Assistance for Rural Children’s Education in Henan Province’s 2021 Flood”, “Dawacheng Children’s Star Sky Scholarship in Sichuan Province”, and other projects, with a total donation of nearly tens of millions of yuan.

Currently, the continuous heavy rains in the northern regions are affecting the hearts of people nationwide, and Netease Group has already donated 10 million yuan to the disaster areas. The Nishuihan development team also hopes to join hands with all the loving players and game developers to make efforts to fight against the flood and demonstrate the love and social responsibility of game players and developers to the society.

Two prayer lanterns will be temporarily available in the appearance mall of the Nishuihan game, one priced at 0 yuan and the other priced at 10 Wenyu (non-bound) (limited to one million copies of the 10 non-bound Wenyu lanterns, and will be taken off the shelves when sold out).

After players purchase any lantern, they will enter the blessing themed area. By placing lanterns and praying for the disaster area, players can obtain the public welfare title “Cold Waters Do Not Freeze, Chivalry is Always Warm.”

In this public welfare event, the team behind the “Cold Waters Do Not Freeze” game will donate 2 million yuan to the flood-stricken areas. If players also want to contribute their own extra support, they can choose to purchase our “10 Jade Pendants (non-bound) Blessing Lanterns.” We will donate all the income from these lanterns, and each purchase of a “10 Jade Pendants (non-bound) Blessing Lantern” is equivalent to donating 1 yuan to the disaster area. There are only 1 million limited edition blessing lanterns available, and once they are sold out, they will be taken off the shelves. Therefore, in the end, we will donate a total of 3 million yuan in public welfare funds, which will be fully donated to the flood-stricken areas in Hebei.

We are well aware of our own insignificance, but countless small efforts can bring hope that can change the world. We, the Chinese people, have strong cohesion, and with this cohesion, we can overcome various difficulties.

We sincerely hope that the small act of kindness by players of “Cold Waters Do Not Freeze” and the official team can light a lamp of hope for those who need assistance.

In addition, just before the push notification was sent, Xiaohan received a phone call from Senior Brother Yezhangzhou, the helmsman of the “Lei Fire” team. Senior Brother Ye emphasized, “The form of this public welfare event is only meant to encourage fellow disciples to participate in acts of charity. No one should feel pressured. Even if everyone only prays without purchasing paid lanterns, “Lei Fire” will still donate the full 3 million yuan.”

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