OPPO user-made Find X6 camera photography handle Explosive in technology and power!

OPPO Find X6 camera handle is powerful and technologically advanced!

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that a user of OPPO’s Find X6 Pro has actually made a camera photography handle for himself. According to the introduction by the netizen, this photography handle has a shutter button like a professional camera, supports half-press focus, full-press shooting and other functions, is equipped with an electronic viewfinder and hot shoe interface, supports stepless variable aperture, and has an independent secondary screen and 6-color independent flash.

OPPO Find X6 Pro photography handle

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It is reported that the main frame of this handle is manufactured by a 3D printer, and the metal shell uses CNC carving. The surface also adopts metal anodizing process. The previously mentioned independent secondary screen is actually a smart watch built into this photography handle by the netizen. Therefore, in addition to the camera of OPPO Find X6 Pro itself, this photography watch can also call the camera of a smart watch. Regarding the stepless variable aperture, the netizen’s earliest design was to make it an electronic control version. For this reason, he even made a set of electric drive control structure and driver circuit board. But in the end, due to time reasons, it was changed to manual. After the change, OPPO Find X6 Pro can shoot starbursts in small aperture mode.

Nowadays, OPPO’s flagship smartphones have made great progress in imaging, with remarkable performance. Their latest flagship Find X6 series not only cooperates with the well-known camera manufacturer Hasselblad, but also has a main camera that uses a one-inch sensor, which is one of the strongest imaging hardware of smartphones currently. In addition to the main camera lens with a one-inch sensor, OPPO Find X6 Pro also has a periscope telephoto lens with super zoom and a free-form ultra-wide-angle lens.

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