OPPO Reno10 Pro+ wins the double championship on Douyin, achieving a historic sales record

OPPO Reno10 Pro+ wins Douyin double championship, sets sales record

【PhoneAuto News】On June 2nd, PhoneAuto learned from OPPO official that OPPO Reno10 Pro+ won the sales and revenue championship of Android phones priced over 3000 yuan on Douyin. Not only that, the dual-brand OPPO and OnePlus achieved a cumulative sales volume in the first 30 minutes of the opening sales that exceeded the entire cycle of last year’s opening sales, once again winning a wave of championships, demonstrating its high popularity.

OPPO 618

The OPPO Reno10 series phones went on sale on June 1st. In the first 10 minutes of sales, the total sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and the overall sales volume across all channels also set a new record compared to the previous generation. In addition, the flagship model OPPO Reno10 Pro+ set a new sales record for the Reno series Pro+ version.

The outstanding imaging configuration of OPPO Reno10 Pro+ contributes to its new sales record. The phone is equipped with a super-sensing telephoto lens, which can provide users with a high-quality imaging experience with 3x optical zoom. At the 3x zoom range, OPPO Reno10 Pro+ can better highlight the subject of the portrait, with a more natural bokeh effect, making the photos look more three-dimensional and layered. The upgrade in the algorithm for presenting details and beautifying portraits can further enhance the quality of portraits, making it easy to take great portrait photos. It is worth mentioning that in the latest “Lu Master Long-term Smoothness Test Report Phase One”, OPPO Reno10 series won first place.

OPPO Reno10 Pro+

Overall, the OPPO Reno 10 series has many discounts during the 618 promotion, and in addition to its comprehensive product strength, it also offers benefits such as 24-month interest-free installments, one-year extended warranty, and 30-day worry-free return. Currently, the OPPO Reno10 starts at 2499 yuan; Reno10 Pro starts at 3499 yuan; Reno10 Pro+ starts at 3899 yuan.

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