Volvo EX30 released with the fastest acceleration in history, 0-100 km/h in 34 seconds Starting price is about 250,000 yuan

Volvo EX30 Fastest acceleration in history at 0-100 km/h in 34 seconds Starting price is around 250,000 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On June 7th local time, Volvo officially launched its new car EX30 in Milan, Italy. The car is the smallest SUV and electric vehicle in the Volvo brand so far. It is also Volvo’s first small pure electric SUV and the fourth fully electric vehicle model. The starting price of the car in the United States is $34,950 (about 250,000 yuan), and it is currently open for pre-order.

Volvo EX30

From the appearance, the EX30 adopts a similar styling design to the EX90, both using a closed front grille design, and the two large headlights are also in Volvo’s classic “Thor’s Hammer” style. However, unlike the EX90, the car uses an upward sloping waistline and smoky black treatment on the A, B, and C pillars to create a floating roof visual sense. In addition, in terms of creating a muscular appearance, the vehicle is fuller than the EX90, making it more in line with the aesthetic of young people.

Volvo EX30

In terms of size, the EX30 has a length, width, and height of 4,233mm/1,837mm/1,555mm, and a wheelbase of 2,650mm. Volvo stated that the chassis of the EX30 has been improved to fully utilize the car’s compact size. Although it is an electric vehicle, it also performs well in weight control, with a minimum curb weight of 1,830 kilograms, which is lighter than the nearly 2-ton weight of many electric cars.

Volvo EX30 Interior

As for the interior, the EX30 adopts a minimalist design and incorporates many new technologies. The center of the dashboard is equipped with a 12.3-inch infotainment system. Volvo claims to have closely cooperated with technology partners such as Google, Apple, and Qualcomm to provide the best possible user experience. The car also offers a digital car key that can remotely control functions such as charging, location, locking/unlocking, and heating. The car also supports the latest generation of parking assist functions, which can solve almost all parking problems, according to reports.

Volvo EX30 Space

In terms of power, the EX30 currently offers two power versions: a single-motor long-range version and a dual-motor performance version. The former has a maximum power of 268 horsepower (200 kW) and a peak torque of 343 N·m, and the 64-degree battery can bring a range of 275 miles (about 442 kilometers). The latter has a maximum power of 422 horsepower (315 kW) and a peak torque of 543 N·m. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating production car produced by Volvo.

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