Electric cars also have to go off-road! Volvo launches the EX30 off-road version, which will be available for purchase in 2024

Volvo's launching the off-road version of their electric car, the EX30, available for purchase in 2024

[PhoneAuto News] On June 7th local time, Volvo held an event in Italy and officially launched the new EX30 electric SUV. The automaker said that it will launch the off-road version of the EX30 next year, and the reservation channel will be opened immediately after the official launch.

Volvo EX30 off-road version

For many years, Volvo has been providing electrification transformation for many of its models. Currently, all vehicles sold under Volvo have launched new energy versions, but most of them exist in the form of plug-in hybrid (PHEV). However, with the use of the new pure electric platform, Volvo is now conducting more in-depth research on its future electric vehicle plans.

Volvo EX30 off-road version

In terms of naming the new pure electric models, Volvo has adopted a simpler and easier-to-understand naming approach. It will not offer the XC40 and will call the electric version the XC40 Electric, but will use “EX” for future SUVs. As with the previous model names, the size of the number is still used to distinguish the positioning of the vehicle. For example, the EX30 released this time is a small electric SUV, while the previously released EX90 is a larger three-row electric SUV, which is equivalent in size to the Volvo XC90.

Volvo EX30 off-road version

We have reported on the appearance of the Volvo EX30 before, but this time Volvo also brought a special EX30 off-road version. Volvo stated that the EX30 off-road version will be equipped with front, rear, and side guards. It will also be equipped with decorative panels, exclusive off-road badges, the Swedish flag, and 19-inch black wheels on the front and back. Volvo will also provide 18-inch tires specifically for off-road use.

Volvo EX30 off-road version

Although Volvo has not disclosed the power information of this off-road version model, it may be equipped with the dual-motor all-wheel drive system used in the EX30, which can produce 422 horsepower. Based on the use of a 69-kilowatt-hour battery pack, it is expected to travel 265 miles (approximately 426 kilometers).

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