Summary of Apple WWDC23 Software Everything can be immersive, visionOS shows initial productivity

Apple WWDC23 software summary Immersive experience, visionOS boosts productivity

【PhoneAuto】It’s another familiar “Good morning,” and this year’s WWDC23 conference started with Cook’s greeting. In addition to several hardware products, Apple also brought six new systems to this conference – iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, watchOS 10, tvOS, and visionOS.

iOS 17 has a lot of new content, with updates to phone, FaceTime, and messages, as well as the addition of some new features.

Among them, iMessage has added a check-in function, which allows users to share their location with friends and family to let them know they’ve arrived home safely. If not confirmed, the other party will see information such as battery level and location. In addition, FaceTime has also added a message function. Additionally, in the future, iPhone users can call Siri without saying “Hey,” making it more convenient to activate.

It’s worth mentioning that the AirDrop feature has also changed, and iPhone users can use the NameDrop feature to exchange phone numbers by simply bringing their phones close. However, for Chinese users, exchanging phone numbers or email addresses is not very useful, and this feature would be more useful if introduced into the WeChat Apple version.

Personalized customization is still an important content of iOS 17. After updating the system, when users receive calls from other users, they will see a unique interface that identifies the caller. In addition, calls can also be converted to text, so if you’re not able to answer the phone conveniently, you can just read the text. Additionally, iOS 17 adds a sticker function to messages, allowing users to store emojis and photos as stickers.

In terms of applications, iOS 17 brings Standby, which is designed specifically for MagSafe brackets, allowing users to switch between a series of clock styles with a swipe. This is also one of the personalized contents of the new system.

Vision Pro is definitely the star of this year’s WWDC, with Apple devoting almost half of the presentation to this new product. At the same time, the visionOS system that comes with it has also officially joined Apple’s ecosystem. However, it should be noted that visionOS is independent of other Apple systems, has its own development logic, is a completely new platform, and will be built using new developer tools.

As for the ecological content of visionOS, Apple has not provided a clearer plan. However, it can be confirmed that there will be a brand new visionOS app store and a series of ecological applications, and productivity will gradually form. According to official statements, Vision Pro will provide hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad applications.

It is understood that the Vision Pro to be launched in early next year will come with Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, and Teams built-in, and also support virtual rendering of video conference applications such as Zoom, Teams, and Webex. In addition, Unity games and applications can access visionOS APIs and gestures.

The main focus of the new iPadOS 17 is optimization, bringing more personalized designs and allowing interaction between different small widgets. At the same time, the lock screen interface of iPad OS 17 can also add rich small widgets, which can be placed on the far left of the lock screen interface, and new planet series wallpapers have been added. Under the screen-off interface, the current real-time activities can also be displayed.

iPadOS 17 has also added a Health App, and the Memo app has fully optimized PDF files, bringing more efficient usage, including display effects, annotations, and collaboration via iCloud. Like iOS 17, iPadOS 17 also cancels “Hey”, and users can wake up the virtual voice assistant by simply saying “Siri”.

The brand new macOS Sonoma has many changes, becoming more balanced, and even adding a game mode, reducing the delay of external devices and optimizing the gaming experience for Mac users. Apple also invited Hideo Kojima. The latter confirmed at WWDC23 that the “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” will land on the macOS platform.

At the same time, small widgets are also returning to macOS Sonoma, and users can add small widgets to the main screen to make information more accessible. In the future, users can browse various information on MacBook just like on iPhone or iPad.

The updates for watchOS 10 are very clear, focusing mainly on small widgets, watch faces, and health and fitness.

watchOS 10 introduces three watch faces with different color overlays, where the color areas change over time. The new Snoopy dynamic watch face is even more fun, and can even reflect real-time weather conditions. In the new system, users can quickly view information using any watch face, simply by turning the crown to see smartly stacked widgets, including weather forecasts, news headlines, and more.

In terms of safety, watchOS 10 has more detailed data, recording the user’s location when leaving the signal area and sending a satellite distress signal to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Adaptive Audio

In addition, Apple also announced at the conference that three new features – Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, and Conversation Awareness – will be applied to AirPods headphones to redefine personal listening experience. Especially the Adaptive Audio feature, which can dynamically blend transparent mode and active noise reduction mode based on the environment. When users move through different environments, the headphones can provide different feedback, bringing users a seamless noise reduction experience.

For Chinese users, tvOS is a relatively unfamiliar Apple system. The main feature of tvOS 17 is the introduction of a new FaceTime application, making it easier for Apple users to make video calls. At the same time, tvOS 17 has redesigned the Control Center, making it easier for users to access profiles, system controls, and more. In addition, users can use Find My to locate their Apple TV remote control.

This WWDC23 conference is full of highlights and will definitely leave a profound mark in the history of WWDC, because it brings Apple’s application ecology into a new dimension. As a completely independent system, visionOS can mobilize different Apple hardware to make many applications of iOS and iPadOS more immersive and visual, thus stimulating the imagination of Apple users. In the future, this may form a completely new way of working and living.

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