Foreign media criticized Xiaomi 13 Ultra is the boldest in history, but unfortunately it is not available in India

Foreign media criticized Xiaomi 13 Ultra as bold but unavailable in India

【PhoneAuto News】PhoneAuto has learned that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has recently arrived in the hands of many foreign media outlets, and some media have experienced this flagship imaging phone. Among them, one foreign media expressed envy and called the Xiaomi 13 Ultra an excellent camera phone that will not land in the Indian market. Fortunately, the camera technology may be used in the upcoming flagship model.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a new product that Xiaomi has closely cooperated with the legendary camera brand Leica. It has been launched in the Chinese market and may soon be unveiled globally. Foreign media recalled: “We briefly encountered the Xiaomi 12S Ultra last year and fell in love with it, especially its camera. This year, Xiaomi has gone further, further improving the camera and changing the design to fit the overall dynamics of the device. Undoubtedly, the partnership with Leica has propelled Xiaomi into the top tier of mobile imaging, and the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which was experienced earlier this year, is one of the best camera phones in India.” Foreign media believes that since the release of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi has been meeting consumers’ expectations, and the new Xiaomi 13 Ultra is another perfect example.

Foreign media reviews Xiaomi 13 Ultra

After the complete experience, foreign media believes that compared with last year’s Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is even better, and the difference is not limited to the camera. For example, the leather back of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a good and solid feel, and the front display screen is one of Xiaomi’s best so far. Foreign media summarized that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is the company’s boldest smartphone to date, but unfortunately, it is unlikely to enter the Indian market.

What’s your opinion on the evaluation of Xiaomi 13 Ultra by foreign media?

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