ZTE Terminal Wen Liangliang Promoting 5G Technology Innovation and Application to Boost Digital Society Development

ZTE promotes 5G innovation to boost digital society development

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the issuance of 5G licenses. China has built the world’s largest and most advanced 5G network. At the same time, the country has issued the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Digital China,” proposing the top-level design and a series of new target tasks for the construction of digital China.

The China International Information and Communications Exhibition has witnessed the glorious development of the information and communications industry. In response to the new situation and new requirements of the construction of digital China, the 31st China International Information and Communications Exhibition has officially opened. ZTE has taken “Building the East and the West, Achieving Greatness Together” as its theme, and concentrated on showcasing ZTE’s thinking, practice, and achievements in the new era through themed exhibition areas such as “Eastern Mathematics and Western Algorithms,” “Leading Innovation with (Wireless) and without (Wire),” “Business Development,” “Smart Homes,” and “Brilliant Terminals.”

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the commercialization of 5G. The popularization and price reduction of 5G are good news for consumers and the 5G industry. As an end-to-end comprehensive communication and information technology solution provider, ZTE has played an important role in the promotion and application of 5G technology. In order to understand ZTE’s development and achievements in the 5G terminal field, we had the privilege to interview Mr. Wen Liangliang, Vice President of ZTE and General Manager of the Terminal China Region, and conducted in-depth discussions on ZTE’s efforts in promoting 5G and building a digital business ecosystem.

Since 5G officially started commercial use in 2019, “5G” has been with us for four years. From the earliest “high above” to today’s “entering ordinary households,” in addition to relying on the continuously lowering tariffs of operators, it also requires terminal manufacturers to continuously lower the price threshold of equipment and eliminate the “digital divide” that exists around consumers.

During an interview, Wen Liangliang expressed that ZTE has done a lot of work in promoting the popularity of 5G terminals. This year, ZTE advocates “technology benefiting the people” and promotes the widespread application of 5G technology to help eliminate the digital divide and achieve the sharing of digital dividends throughout society. Currently, ZTE has a complete chain solution and has played an important role in the process of 2G/3G network shutdown by operators. It has also launched multiple 5G mobile data terminals priced below 100 yuan and at the thousand-yuan level to ensure that users can still enjoy high-speed 5G network services even in remote areas, dormitories, rental houses, and other scenes. Among them, the dual-mode 5G mobile phone Far East 40 series launched by ZTE in cooperation with operators has become a core cooperative product with operators. Its main advantage is that it carries two 5G “golden frequency bands”, including the mobile and broadcasting 700M, and Unicom and Telecom 900M, which combine the advantages of the two frequency bands and have the characteristics of low propagation loss, wide coverage range, strong penetration ability, and low network deployment cost.

ZTE Far East 40

From Wen Liangliang’s words, we can see that ZTE’s various efforts are aimed at allowing everyone to embrace 5G networks and achieve universal benefit.

The significance of “5G universal benefit” is to allow every user to enjoy the convenience brought by high-quality networks equally. This not only includes young people who are highly sensitive to technology, but also the elderly group that we need to pay special attention to.

In February 2022, the State Council issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for National Aging Development and Elderly Service System”, which clearly stated the need to promote intelligent services to meet the needs of the elderly. As a leader in “5G universal benefit”, ZTE must fully adapt its products to meet the needs of different users.

The new ZTE 5G mobile phone series, the Yuanhang 40 series, is priced at around a thousand yuan. It is equipped with a domestic 5G chip platform, a high-definition eye-protecting large screen, a pure and secure system, a high-definition main camera, and a multi-functional AI triple camera combination, while also taking into account rich functionality. Against the background of helping the elderly cross the digital divide, ZTE has teamed up with China Mobile and Ruijie to create special features such as “5G video customer service for remote assistance to the elderly” for the Yuanhang 40 series. After opening the 5G video customer service, the innovative application of communication network video capability (VoNR) to the customer service industry allows users to enjoy “audio-visual combination, clear at a glance” service by directly dialing the customer service phone without downloading the app, and solve the problem of elderly people using mobile phones through remote guidance.

In the rural market where the popularity of 5G still needs to be improved, ZTE uses 5G networks and Internet of Things technology to provide more intelligent services for agricultural production and rural life, and has launched the 5G+ intelligent agriculture industry assistance project to help farmers improve crop yield and quality, improve quality of life, and increase income.

Of course, the popularity of 5G is not only limited to “mobile phones and networks”. In the interview, Wen Liangliang also introduced other work that ZTE has done to promote the popularity of 5G. Based on the 5G+X terminal product layout idea, ZTE continues to exert its efforts during the mature and explosive period of 5G, including not only expanding entry-level 5G smartphones, but also data connection products, naked 3D, e-sports, and rich ecological scenes, in order to further promote the application of 5G.

It has only been four years since the commercialization of 5G, but it is already “everywhere around us”. In Wen Liangliang’s view, the deployment of 5G networks worldwide will bring consumers more high-speed and stable network connections in the future. Based on this, ZTE should continue to seize the opportunity of 5G technology development, constantly research and develop terminal devices with 5G highlights, and expand its market share. In terms of developing terminal devices, ZTE should focus on the innovation of 5G technology, provide products that meet user needs, and strengthen cross-border cooperation related to 5G technology to explore more usage scenarios and business models.

“Innovation” and “collaboration” are the words that Wen Liangliang mentioned multiple times during the interview, which is also an inevitable choice to promote the development of the digital society. Through innovation and collaboration, we can see more excellent 5G terminal products and solutions, and through continuous iteration, the development of the 5G network can also meet users’ needs for high speed, low latency, reliability, and security.

By promoting popularization and innovation, ZTE continuously promotes the development of the digital society. They will continuously improve the 5G network infrastructure, expand innovative application scenarios, strengthen partnership relations and technological innovation to meet users’ needs and bring more well-being and convenience to society. In general, collaboration and openness in the 5G industry chain are key factors driving the development of the entire digital society. We look forward to seeing ZTE use forward-thinking and innovative spirit to continue to promote the innovation and application of 5G technology and better serve social development.

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