Apple’s new patent exposure! Can quickly find Apple Pencil with AirTags

Apple's new patent allows for finding Apple Pencil with AirTags

【PhoneAuto News】Apple’s AirTags can find many things, but their own Apple Pencil is still missing. Two years ago, Apple expanded its Find My network on the new AirTags and also launched a series of third-party accessories. More importantly, it also integrated these new third-party accessories.

It is believed that Apple will put the U1 chip into the Apple Pencil to enable AirTags to find it. However, Apple’s latest patent provides some new ideas.

According to recent reports from foreign media, a new Apple patent proposes that an “acoustic resonator” can help users locate the Apple Pencil. According to this patent, Apple is trying to add a passive component to the pen cap of the Apple Pencil to respond to specific sound wave frequencies. An iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch will emit a specific sound, triggering the acoustic resonator in the pencil to help users find their lost Apple Pencil.

This is very helpful for those who often place their Apple Pencil under a pile of files or absent-mindedly leave it at home or in the office.

In addition to the above method, Apple is also exploring other possibilities, such as requesting the location of the Apple Pencil through the Internet, iPad, or Apple Watch, and using the microphones on these devices to receive signals from the acoustic resonator. However, this is obviously not very practical, and it is difficult to imagine Apple having all devices worldwide emit audio signals to find lost Apple Pencils.

Apple has applied for many patents, but most of them have not been implemented, so the above functions may not necessarily be applied.

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