Up to 3,899 yuan! Honor 90 Series prices announced How to choose between the two phones?

Honor 90 Series prices announced, up to 3,899 yuan How to choose between the two phones?

【PhoneAuto News】On the afternoon of May 29th, Honor held a new product launch conference and officially released two new models of the Honor 90 series, including Honor 90 and Honor 90 Pro. Currently, the prices of the two phones have been officially announced, ranging from 2499 yuan to 3899 yuan, which is a surprise for consumers who have been waiting for a long time.

In the Honor 90 series

Specifically, the 12GB+256GB version of the Honor 90 is priced at 2499 yuan, the 16GB+256GB version is priced at 2799 yuan, and the top-end 16GB+512GB version is priced at 2999 yuan. Starting from 12GB of RAM, the price of this model is quite sincere. In addition, the Honor 90 Pro also starts with 12GB of RAM, and the memory version is consistent with the Honor 90. The prices are 3299 yuan, 3599 yuan, and 3899 yuan respectively. The price difference between different versions is only 300 yuan. If the budget is sufficient, it is natural to buy a larger one.

Honor 90 series price information

So, besides the price, what are the differences in parameter configuration between the two phones of Honor 90 and 90 Pro?

PhoneAuto learned that in terms of imaging, both phones are equipped with a 200 million pixel ultra-clear main camera, and the 90 Pro has added a 32 million pixel telephoto portrait lens; in terms of performance, the 90 is equipped with the first generation Snapdragon 7 (enhanced version), and the 90 Pro is equipped with the first generation Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform. The former has a larger biomimetic VC heat dissipation area, and both phones are the industry’s first aerospace-grade high-performance thermal conductive gel. In terms of battery life, both phones are equipped with a 5000mAh high-energy density battery, of which the Honor 90 supports 66W super fast charging, and the 90 Pro supports 90W super fast charging. In terms of other functional configurations, there is not much difference between the two, but the Honor 90 Pro is equipped with stereo dual speakers and supports breath wake-up function.

Comparatively speaking, the price difference between the same memory versions of the Honor 90 and 90 Pro is 800 yuan/900 yuan. By spending this extra money, you will get a better experience in terms of imaging, performance, fast charging, and sound effects, which is a comprehensive upgrade overall. However, the configuration of the Honor 90 is also sufficient, and there are not too many compromises in terms of screen, imaging, and battery. It is still worth recommending for friends with a low budget.

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