Supplement lighting and increase sensitivity, dual-wheel drive The vivo S17 series breaks through new paths in night scene and portrait photography

Vivo S17 series enhances night and portrait photography with improved lighting and sensitivity and dual-wheel drive

【PhoneAuto News】Since its inception, the vivo S series has always been dedicated to exploring and innovating soft light portraits. With the upcoming release conference, the information about the imaging of the vivo S17 series has also been revealed. From “illuminate my beauty” to “illuminate your beauty” and then to “illuminate you and me tā”, the S series has always maintained its focus on portrait lighting. The night scene portrait effect, which can rival or even surpass flagship models, relies on the S series’ long-term exploration and accumulation in portrait photography, as well as the latest breakthrough in the new generation of S soft light portrait technology.

Combining the information released on the official Weibo account about portrait functions, the vivo S17 series brings a new intelligent soft light ring, with adjustable color temperature function, which can perfectly improve the color deviation problem under cold and warm light, making the skin tone more natural. It can even combine with its own scene needs to create an atmosphere of mood.

In order to effectively improve the color deviation problem caused by special scenes, the vivo S17 Pro has added a super-sensing color sensing sensor with an industry-leading 13 channels. It can better optimize color performance and say goodbye to the problem of color deviation in daily shooting scenes. In addition, the vivo S17 series has added a professional telephoto portrait lens, with a 2x golden portrait focal length, which can easily handle both scenic photos of daily life and partial close-ups in portrait scenes.

Thanks to the above multiple technologies, the vivo S17 Pro has achieved a unique and comprehensive performance comparable to high-end flagship models in comparison with blind test samples of many other flagship models. The portrait skin texture is more natural and soft, and the phone can also make appropriate judgments on the environmental colors at the time, ultimately outputting high-quality night portrait photos with harmonious combination of night scenes and portraits. In terms of the front camera, this has always been the strength of the S series and is recognized as the benchmark. The vivo S17 series also has excellent night portrait shooting experience. The f/2.0 large aperture effectively improves the problem of insufficient light in low light conditions, the 50 million ultra-clear pixels further improve the image clarity and richness of details, and the AF autofocus function can focus on the target accurately and quickly, even in sports scenes.

The newly upgraded multiple imaging hardware combined with multiple algorithm optimizations allows the vivo S17 series to output textured night portrait photos, which is also in line with the slogan “Soft light knows warmth and cold, illuminating you and me.” With excellent night portrait shooting performance, it breaks the prejudice that “mid-range phones cannot take good portraits” and makes netizens always believe that the vivo S17 series’ night portrait is not inferior to flagship phones. This makes people even more excited for the vivo S17 series new product launch event that will be held on May 31st.

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