To make way for electrification transformation, Ford Fiesta European overseas factories are about to officially cease production

Ford Fiesta European overseas factories will stop production for electrification transformation

【PhoneAuto News】In October 2022, Ford Motor Company announced that the Ford Fiesta, a classic small hatchback, would cease production in the summer of 2023. This is one of the longest-operating and most popular models in the company’s European lineup. Recently, foreign media reports state that Ford is about to close the production line for the Fiesta to make way for the upcoming electric vehicles.

Ford Fiesta

According to Autocar, the last Ford Fiesta will roll off the assembly line at the Cologne factory on July 7th. This means that after 47 years of sales, 9 generations of products, and the production and delivery of over 18 million classic models in at least 13 different countries, it is coming to the end of its life. According to Ford, the production line for the Fiesta will be used for the production of Ford’s new electric version of the Explorer. Martin Sander, Ford’s European General Manager, previously stated to the media that Ford will produce high-capacity electric vehicles at the Cologne factory.

Electric version of the Ford Explorer

Ford’s Cologne Electric Vehicle Center is the company’s first carbon-neutral factory and is expected to start producing the electric version of the Ford Explorer SUV this year after a $2 billion investment for transformation. The vehicle will be based on Volkswagen’s MEB electric platform and will be Ford’s first pure electric passenger car produced in Europe. In addition to the all-electric Explorer, Ford also plans to launch an electric crossover called the Puma EV in Europe, which is scheduled for official release in 2024 and will also be based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

For many people, the discontinuation of the Carnival is sad news. However, with the acceleration of electrification, many classic fuel-powered models will face a difficult situation and there are not many classic models that can truly survive through electrification.

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