Ideal L6 disguised car suspected to appear in a highway service area, the size is indeed quite big, priced under 300,000 yuan

The Ideal L6 disguised car is suspected to be seen at a highway service area It is quite big and priced below 300,000 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】Ideal Auto’s L-series currently has three models: L7, L8, and L9, all of which have achieved impressive results in their respective price ranges. However, according to PhoneAuto, if Ideal Auto wants to further increase sales, it still needs to see the performance of another new model – the Ideal L6. Recently, a blogger allegedly captured a disguised Ideal L6 car at a highway service area.

Ideal Auto

From the picture, this disguised car, which is suspected to be the Ideal L6, is not driving normally but is placed on a trailer. Compared with the white NIO SUV in front, even as the lowest-priced model in the L-series, the Ideal L6 appears quite large. It is reported that the Ideal L6 is positioned as a mid-sized five-seater SUV. As for the exterior details, these pictures do not provide much useful information. However, previous reports have mentioned that the exterior design of the Ideal L6 is not significantly different from the Ideal L7, with only differences in the curve above the front door glass and the length of the front and rear doors. The interior is also similar to the L7, equipped with a central control screen and a passenger entertainment screen, with the instrument panel removed and replaced with HUD head-up display and steering wheel interactive screen.

Suspected disguised Ideal L6 car

PhoneAuto has learned that the Ideal L6 is expected to be launched and delivered in 2024. In terms of price, some media speculate that the L6 with LiDAR may be priced at 2.998 million yuan, while the entry-level version may be as low as 2.398 million yuan.

Ideal L-Series Model Planning

In fact, Li Xiang is confident in the future market performance of the Ideal L6. He stated that with the delivery of the Ideal L6, Ideal Automotive is expected to achieve total sales exceeding BBA by 2024. It is estimated that the monthly sales of the L6 will account for 50% of Ideal Automotive’s total sales, with monthly sales potentially exceeding 15,000 units. Therefore, the L6 is crucial for Ideal Automotive.

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