He Xiaopeng I have confidence that the Xiaopeng G6 can be the top choice in the price range of 200,000 to 250,000 yuan

I believe the Xiaopeng G6 can be the best option in the price range of 200,000 to 250,000 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】After the launch of the Xiaopeng G6, He Xiaopeng said in an interview: “I am very confident that we can achieve the top sales in the 200,000-250,000 price range. At that time, the main sales of the Xiaopeng G6 will come from the three models: 580Max, 755Max, and 755Pro. Moreover, we will continuously strive to become the leader in hybrid and traditional fuel vehicles.”

At the same time, he also stated that the success of Xiaopeng G6 is not solely relied upon for the company’s turnaround in sales. He believes that if a company relies only on one model, it is a mistake. Building a car brand requires a long-term vision and a comprehensive system.

However, He Xiaopeng disagrees with the idea of relying solely on the Xiaopeng G6 for a sales turnaround. When talking about the difference between Xiaopeng and other new forces in the industry, He Xiaopeng joked that three years ago, our difference was also significant. A good performance this year does not guarantee a good performance next year, just as a poor performance this year does not guarantee a poor performance next year. He Xiaopeng also added, “We are still in the same group, and I communicate more with Li Bin, but the three of us still communicate, exchange ideas, and move forward as we did before.”

He Xiaopeng also mentioned that Xiaopeng’s current models achieved the highest score in the NAF2023 endurance test in Norway, and the endurance testing standards for the G6 are even more stringent than the data obtained. As the next generation of intelligent electric vehicles, the choice of Xiaopeng G6 is to focus on energy consumption. We not only strive to make the electric vehicle with the longest endurance in China but also the most solid endurance.

It is understood that the Xiaopeng G6 was launched on June 29th, with a price range of 209,900 to 2,769,000 yuan. Data shows that the new car received 25,000 orders within 72 hours of pre-sales, and by June 28th, the number of orders reached 35,000. 40% of the orders came from physical stores, while 60% came from online platforms.

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