Price starts at 619 yuan! Huawei adds 4 new models with replaceable Kunlun glass

Huawei introduces 4 new models with replaceable Kunlun glass, starting at 619 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】As mobile phone screens become larger, protecting them becomes more important. Therefore, Huawei has launched Kunpeng glass, which is claimed to be 10 times more resistant to falling. Huawei has already provided Kunpeng glass upgrade services for multiple models, and recently PhoneAuto discovered that 4 new models have been added.

It is reported that the Mate 30/40/50 series and P40/50 series have already supported the replacement of Kunpeng glass. Now, 4 new models have been added, namely the Mate X3 foldable screen, P60, P60 Pro and P60 Art Edition. The replacement price for the Huawei Mate X3 is 619 yuan, and the other three new models are all 719 yuan.

According to PhoneAuto, most glass panels in the industry are mainly chemically strengthened through the glass surface. However, the strength of the glass structure itself is not high. Once the external force exceeds the critical value, the structure of the strengthening layer will be destroyed and cracks will spread internally, causing the glass to break. Therefore, Huawei’s Kunpeng glass takes a different approach, drawing inspiration from the sturdy and durable reinforced concrete structure, and introducing a large number of nano-crystals into the glass to form a dense support structure, thereby improving the technology path of glass fracture resistance.

Finally, by introducing specific metal oxides, Huawei has introduced billions of high-strength nano-crystals into Kunpeng glass, paired with composite ion-enhanced injection technology to form a micron-level hard protective layer on the glass surface, and obtained a transparent optical material that combines high-strength crystals with glass. This ultimately solves the industry’s problems of strength and optical matching for microcrystalline glass materials, and increases the anti-fall ability to 10 times, effectively reducing damage caused by accidental phone drops.

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