Expose iPhone 15 will continue to use the appearance of the 14 Pro series, increasing thickness and battery life

iPhone 15 will maintain the design of the 14 Pro series, with improvements in thickness and battery life

【Phoneauto News】On August 7th, a digital blogger revealed that the standard version of iPhone 15 will adopt the appearance of the iPhone 14 Pro series, with an increased thickness and a battery capacity increased by 100mAh± range. It will also use a Type-C interface. The blogger also stated that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will adopt a button-style mute key, but it is not yet confirmed for the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a titanium alloy frame, and its design will change to a curved shape.

iPhone 14 Pro series

In fact, it is very normal for the standard version of iPhone 15 to adopt the design of the iPhone 14 Pro series. Apple has always liked to use this method to differentiate products with different positioning. The new generation of basic models often inherits the appearance or configuration of the previous generation’s high-end models, while the new generation of high-end models will use brand-new designs and technologies.

By doing this, the thickness of the iPhone 15 standard version will increase, but the battery life will be stronger. It depends on how Apple balances it. Previously, there were leaks that the iPhone 15 will adopt stacked battery technology, which not only extends the battery life, but also speeds up the charging process. It is reported that the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 is 3877mAh, and the iPhone 15 Plus is 4912mAh; while the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 is 3279mAh, and the iPhone 14 Plus is 4323mAh.

Currently, it seems that only the iPhone 15 Pro Max model in the iPhone 15 series will use a titanium alloy frame. Its appearance seems to have some differences in details compared to other models, and the hand feel will also be different because its frame will no longer be designed with right angles.

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