New BMW M5 rendering exposed, appearance is even more handsome, equipped with the same hybrid power system as the XM model

New BMW M5 revealed with improved appearance and hybrid power system, same as the XM model

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, a heavily disguised BMW new car appeared at the Nurburgring track for testing. From the appearance, the car is likely to be the next generation high-performance sports sedan BMW M5. And foreign car designers have created a rendering of the new BMW M5 based on the spy photos and BMW’s consistent design style.

New BMW M5 rendering

From the rendering created by the designer, it can be seen that the new BMW M5 still retains the design style of the M series models, but it seems to draw inspiration from the styling clues of the X5 M and X6 M, with a bright red body and M series iconic all-black treated wheels, plus red calipers, it looks full of sportiness. The front grille of the new car is also different, and the red decorative line outside the black grille seems to draw inspiration from the idea of the BMW XM Label Red version.

Current BMW M5

The vehicle also adds millimeter-wave radar, located below the grille, mainly used for collision warning and emergency braking. The designer said that the millimeter-wave radar could have been integrated into the vehicle’s grille, but it would have a certain impact on the vehicle’s appearance. The vehicle also adds many air kits, as well as front, rear, and side surrounds, which look full of combativeness.

The designer did not bring pictures of the new car’s interior, but according to past practices, it will likely retain the interior layout of the new 5 Series, and then add some unique configurations of the M series. In terms of power, the new car is likely to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system similar to the BMW XM, which consists of a 4.4T V8 twin-turbocharged engine and a single motor. The maximum output power of the engine is 490 horsepower, and the maximum torque is 650 N·m. With the electric motor, the comprehensive output power of the whole vehicle can reach 653 horsepower, and the comprehensive torque is 800 N·m.

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