BYD ATTO has been well received and won the top spot in pure electric car sales in Thailand for five consecutive months

BYD ATTO tops Thai pure electric car sales for 5 months

【PhoneAuto News】On June 10th, BYD Auto officially announced that according to data from Thailand’s AutoLife website, the May sales volume of BYD ATTO 3 (Yuan PLUS) was 2,025 units, making it the best-selling pure electric vehicle in Thailand for the fifth consecutive month. From January to May, the total sales volume of BYD ATTO 3 was 9,310 units, with a market share of 38.6%, continuing to lead the pure electric passenger car market in Thailand.

It is understood that Thailand is actively promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry and has implemented a series of tax incentives and subsidies policies since September 2022. According to the Thai government’s plan, Thailand is expected to become an important new energy vehicle market in Southeast Asia around 2030. In this context, BYD will rely on deep localization operations and the construction of passenger car factories to further expand its overseas layout in the future, providing new energy vehicle products and experiences for more overseas consumers.

Actually, both in the Thai market and the Chinese market, the Yuan PLUS is very popular and has achieved monthly sales of over 10,000 units in China, already becoming a star product among BYD models. In addition, on June 6th, BYD also announced that from January to May, 1,402 units of BYD ATTO 3 (Yuan PLUS) were sold, ranking first in the sales of pure electric vehicles in New Zealand, becoming the best-selling pure electric vehicle model in New Zealand.

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