NIO ET5 Travel Edition arrives at the store, external display tomorrow, officially launched on June 15th

NIO ET5 Travel Edition arrives at the store, launches on June 15th with external display tomorrow

【PhoneAuto News】The NIO ET5 Touring Edition has been rumored for a long time, and PhoneAuto previously reported that the car will be officially launched on June 15. The latest news shows that the car has arrived at NIO’s sales store and will be displayed to the public tomorrow.

NIO ET5 Touring Edition

Recently, a blogger revealed that the NIO ET5 Touring Edition has quietly arrived at the store. The car will be displayed in the exhibition hall on the evening of June 9th and consumers can visit the store to “watch” the car on June 10th. The blogger also released a real shot of the NIO ET5 Touring Edition. From the picture, it can be seen that the blogger’s words are not false. Several NIO sales stores have parked different colored ET5 Touring Editions. In addition to the previously released yellow color, the car will also be available in silver, blue, and lotus pink, which is similar to the color options for the ET5.

Overall, except for the use of a touring car body, the new car does not look much different from the ET5 in appearance. In the rear of the car, the NIO ET5 Touring Edition still uses a through-type taillight, and the roof spoiler and exaggerated diffuser at the bottom look very eye-catching, with a stronger sense of hierarchy than the ET5. In addition, there is a small detail that the ET5 Touring Edition is equipped with a rear wiper, which is the biggest difference from the ET5 when viewed from the back.

Real shot of NIO ET5 Touring Edition

On other aspects, the NIO ET5 Travel Edition is also equipped with a roof-mounted LiDAR, and the interior is basically the same as the ET5. However, the luggage space is larger and the loading capacity is more in line with the positioning of a station wagon. In terms of dimensions, the new car is 4790/1960/1499mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2888mm. PhoneAuto learned that the new car will offer optional packages such as a roof luggage rack and trailer hitch.

As for power, the NIO ET5 Travel Edition is equipped with a dual-motor drive system, with a maximum power of 150 kW for the front motor and 210 kW for the rear motor. In terms of battery, the new car will offer two versions of ternary lithium batteries with capacities of 75 kWh and 100 kWh.

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