Morning News OPPO A1 Vitality Edition officially on sale, Dangbei Projector F6 released

OPPO A1 Vitality Edition on sale, Dangbei Projector F6 released

【PhoneAuto Morning News】On May 21st, OPPO A1 Vitality Edition was officially launched on the OPPO mall. It comes in three colors: Jinghai Blue, Starry Black, and Qingfeng Purple, with a memory configuration of 12GB+256GB and a selling price of 1799 yuan. Recently, the official announcement of the new Dangbei Projection F6 was made. It features a 4K display, unprecedentedly powerful, large memory, stable output, pure glass lens, and a brand new Hisilicon V81 configuration, among other features. From now on, you can make a 50% deposit for pre-order, and there is a chance to enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase of the machine.

OPPO A1 Vitality Edition officially goes on sale with a large battery and memory, selling for 1799 yuan.

OPPO A1 Vitality Edition adopts a clean and neat right-angle border with a slim body of 7.99mm and a weight of 188g, bringing an outstanding feel. It supports IP54 level dust and water resistance, having undergone over 100,000 rigorous quality tests, ensuring a reliable user experience. It supports one-click RAM+memory expansion function, supporting up to 12GB+8GB memory experience, and can handle multi-tasking with ease. Equipped with the Dimensity 6020 5G processor, 7nm advanced process technology, flagship A76 architecture, stronger performance and lower power consumption, supporting dual card dual standby dual-mode 5G, 360-degree surround antenna design, providing high-speed 5G network at all times.

The Dangbei Projection F6 is officially launched, with a 4K display and unparalleled power, available for 6799 yuan.

The Dangbei Projection F6 supports 4K UHD, 1.07 billion colors, HDR10, and its gorgeous 4K picture brings richer details. Equipped with 1800CVIA lumens brightness, it shows the true texture. It features a full glass lens, can run stably at different temperatures, and keeps the picture clear for a long time. Equipped with the brand new generation of Hisilicon V811 chip, it has outstanding performance. With 6GB of ultra-large memory, HDMI 2.1, supporting 8K@30fps decoding, it is not afraid of any flagship projections on the market. It also has Hi-Imprex picture quality enhancement engine, Hi-SuperClaea picture quality noise reduction engine, and Hi-MEMC motion compensation engine, making the picture more brilliant.

The Little Bull MQi L electric vehicle is officially on sale with a range of up to 90km and support for the Apple ecosystem.

On the evening of May 20th, the Little Bull MQi L electric bicycle was officially on sale, with a price of 4,999 yuan for the urban version and 5,799 yuan for the power version. Sharing a post can enter a lottery to win a skateboard worth 4,299 yuan. The Little Bull MQi L electric bicycle is equipped with the new Rui Electric Technology, which supports a long-range of up to 90km, IPX7 high-performance waterproof battery with a high level of immersion protection, which can still be used normally after being immersed in water one meter deep for 30 minutes. It also works with the Apple ecosystem, supporting voice commands for using the vehicle, quick command use, and allowing multiple people to use one car with a family account. The car can be unlocked using passwords, NFC, voice, small programs, apps, quick commands, and Bluetooth, balancing safety and convenience. The car also has intelligent interconnectivity, supporting screen call reminders, cycling routes, and OTA wireless upgrades.

The vivo X90 series is officially discounted by up to 500 yuan, the first price adjustment since its launch six months ago.

On May 20th, vivo officially adjusted the price of the X90 series for the first time. The X90 8GB+128GB version maintains the original price, the 8GB+256GB version is discounted by 200 yuan to 3,799 yuan, the 12GB+256GB version is discounted by 200 yuan to 4,299 yuan, and the 12GB+512GB version is discounted by 300 yuan to 4,699 yuan. The Pro version is uniformly discounted by 500 yuan, with a price adjustment of 4,499 yuan to 5,499 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the extra-large cup vivo X90 Pro+ has not been discounted.

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