OPPO Official Blog Changes to New Logo! Green Background Changes to Black Background Can’t it be called Green Factory anymore?

OPPO Official Blog changes logo, from green to black background Can't it still be called Green Factory?

【Phoneauto News】No matter how OPPO’s logo changes, the classic green background is mostly preserved. But now OPPO’s new logo completely removes the green background, I’m afraid OPPO can no longer be called “Green Factory” in the future.

Recently, OPPO’s official blog quietly updated the logo. The original green background avatar has become the current black background avatar. Of course, the new version of the OPPO logo has no significant changes in its shape compared to before. The letters look steady and simple, and the thickness of the circle remains consistent. Except for two vertical lines that seem to be four equally sized circles, the standard green color has been a very important characteristic of the OPPO brand identity for a long time. But now the background color has changed, giving people a more steady and mysterious feeling.

However, only OPPO’s official blog has used the new version of the logo. Currently, OPPO’s official website still uses the previous green background logo. It is unclear whether the website will eventually synchronize the new version of the logo.

OPPO’s official blog changes to the new logo

OPPO’s official website retains the original logo

It is understood that OPPO changed its logo in March 2019, replacing it with the current green background logo still in use. Those familiar with OPPO know that the previous logo had a gap between the two letters (P), which was removed in the green background logo that followed, forming an extremely symmetrical visual comfort. At the same time, it also abandoned the design technique of uneven stroke thickness and instead adopted a sans-serif typeface, which shifted the visual focus of the logo downwards.

Overall, the green background logo still in use on OPPO’s official website is fashionable, simple, and retains a sense of sophistication. Even though OPPO’s official blog adopts the new black background logo, this design is still preserved.

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