Equipped with a telephoto lens but weighs less than 200g! OPPO Reno10 series is both lightweight and substantial

OPPO Reno10 series is lightweight and substantial with a telephoto lens under 200g

【PhoneAuto News】I don’t know when it started, but mobile phone manufacturers have gradually begun to “let go” of their control over the weight of their products. More and more new phones weigh over 200g, and some flagship models even approach the “half a pound” mark. Although sacrificing some weight in pursuit of balanced configuration seems reasonable for flagship phones, the weight of phones exceeding 200g does not provide a user-friendly experience for some consumers, especially female consumers. So, is there really no flagship phone that can keep its weight under control and still be thin and light enough? You don’t say, there is actually such a phone that will be released soon. It is the OPPO Reno10 series new phone, which will be officially released on May 24th at 14:30.

OPPO Reno10 series

As OPPO’s flagship model that focuses on photography, the OPPO Reno10 series has not only retained its strong imaging capabilities but also put a lot of effort into weight control. As a new machine equipped with a periscope telephoto lens, the OPPO Reno10 series does not appear heavy like other models with this lens. In order to provide a thin and light feel, it specially uses an ultra-thin periscope module, which saves 12% of the lens module space, thus making the back of the phone no longer protruding. While improving the appearance, it also maintains the excellent feel of the Reno series.

OPPO Reno10 series

Fast charging is also a major selling point of the OPPO Reno series. However, how to fit a hundred-watt fast charge and a large battery into a phone that weighs less than 200g is also a headache. To solve this problem, the Reno10 series is equipped with the new SUPERVOOC S power management chip, which can save 45% of the fast charging device area compared to the previous generation. The new machine also uses efficient space stacking and is equipped with an equivalent 4700mAh large battery in the thin and light body, achieving both long battery life and lightweight design.

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