Starting at 289,800 yuan! The Zhiji LS7 Urban Fit City Edition is released with full AI cabin

The Zhiji LS7 Urban Fit City Edition with full AI cabin is released, starting at 289,800 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of June 12th at 20:30, Zhiji Auto officially held the Zhiji new car launch event. At this event, Zhiji Auto officially released the Zhiji LS7 Urban Fit City Edition and Urban Fit Pro new cars. The former is the entry-level model of the Zhiji LS7, with a price of 2.898 million yuan, which further lowers the price of the model. The latter is priced at 3.098 million yuan. Including the two new models launched this time, there are currently 7 models of Zhiji LS7 available for sale, with a price range of 2.898 million to 4.598 million yuan.

Zhiji LS7

Price of Zhiji LS7 Urban Fit City Edition

From the appearance, the overall shape of the Zhiji LS7 is smooth, and the front is equipped with a front headlight group with two “L” style headlights. The front bumper adopts a design with three sets of ventilation openings, and the lower through-type ventilation opening increases the horizontal visual width. The side of the car adopts a straight waistline and an upward door tendon line, which extends the visual length of the side of the car while also increasing the sporty atmosphere. The styling of the rear of the car is even wider, equipped with a large-size roof spoiler, and with through-type taillights, its styling is highly recognizable when lit up. The vehicle is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof with a large area, which can bring a better sense of transparency to the interior of the car.

Zhiji LS7 at the launch event

In terms of interior design, the Zhiji LS7 focuses on the “Big Five Seats” concept and has made significant innovations in seat comfort, equipped with zero-gravity floating seats, intelligent control fully flat folding co-pilot seats, and the rear seats also support electric folding, which can further expand the vehicle’s trunk volume. The vehicle is also equipped with NVIDIA car chips and Snapdragon 8155 chips, which are excellent in both computing power and user experience.

New car offers nearly a hundred configurations

As for power, the Zhiji LS7 offers three battery versions of 77kWh, 90kWh, and 100kWh. The 100kWh single-motor rear-wheel-drive version has a range of about 660 kilometers under CLTC cycle conditions. The dual-motor four-wheel-drive version has a stronger power performance with a total system power of up to 425 kW and peak torque of 725 N·m.

Full-range AI cabin

At this press conference, Zhiji also released the Full-range AI Cabin, which it claims is the first truly integrated intelligent vehicle software product and the only intelligent cabin in the industry to integrate vehicle sensors. It achieves full-domain integration of the vehicle, uses intuitive interaction methods, and, with peripheral vision sensing ability, can even monitor blind spots while driving, improving driving safety. The system also supports one-key scene driving, one-key escape, one-key tracking, and one-key edging. The Full-range AI Cabin can also provide a fully immersive experience and will be the first to be integrated with the GPT model in the fourth quarter of this year, changing the travel experience.

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