The highest honor in the automotive industry! Wei Jianjun from Great Wall Motors won the 2022 Rao Bin Automotive Industry Award

Wei Jianjun from Great Wall Motors won the 2022 Rao Bin Automotive Industry Award, the highest honor in the automotive industry

【PhoneAuto News】On May 16th, the 2022 China Automotive Industry Rao Bin Award was announced at the opening ceremony of the 2023 China (Yizhuang) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Week and the 10th Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Annual Conference (CICV2023). Wei Jianjun, the chairman of Great Wall Motors, won this honor, becoming the eighth automotive person to receive this honor after Li Gang, Chen Zutao, Geng Zhaojie, Zuo Yan’an, Ma Chunjie, Tang Yuxiang, and Li Shufu.

2022 China Automotive Industry Rao Bin Award

This year’s China Automotive Industry Rao Bin Award praised Wei Jianjun as follows: “For 32 years, with keen market insight, strong innovation consciousness, persistent pursuit of technology, and forward-looking strategic vision, he has led Great Wall Motors from small to large, from weak to strong, from product confidence to technological confidence, from technological confidence to brand confidence, and from brand confidence to cultural confidence, becoming a pioneer and innovator of China’s national automobile industry.” He was also praised as an “outstanding representative of China’s national automobile industry.”

Wei Jianjun said, “In the past thirty years, China’s automotive industry has experienced technology introduction, joint ventures, cooperation, and now independent research and development, constantly innovating and growing. Great Wall Motors is a witness, but also a participant and beneficiary. Thanks to this great era.” In his opinion, the global automobile industry is undergoing a major transformation and the trend of new energy and intelligence is unstoppable. Great Wall Motors will uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of the predecessors in the automobile industry, break through the waves, move forward fearlessly, and make greater contributions to the development of the automobile industry, so that the world can once again recognize China’s automobiles.

Wei Jianjun (right) won the 2022 RAOBIN Award in the Chinese automotive industry.

It is understood that the RAOBIN Award is known as the “highest honor in the Chinese automotive industry.” This name is in memory of Rao Bin, the founder of the Chinese automotive industry and known as the “father of the Chinese automobile.” The award is sponsored by the China Society of Automotive Engineers and is a highly anticipated award for Chinese automotive entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to set a benchmark for the automotive industry, encourage Chinese automotive professionals to work hard for China’s independent development, and promote the development and improvement of China’s automotive strategy, technology, management, and cultural industries, to achieve China’s “automotive power dream.”

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