Range exceeds 1000 kilometers! The Extreme Kr001 140 kWh long-range kit is now available for delivery

New Extreme Kr001 140 kWh long-range kit available for delivery, with a range of over 1000 kilometers

【PhoneAuto News】On May 16th, the Jinkou 001 WE version 140kWh long-range package officially began delivery. With this package, the vehicle can have a CLTC comprehensive working condition range of up to 1032km, making the Jinkou 001 the world’s first mass-produced pure electric vehicle with the longest range.

The Jinkou 001 WE version 140kWh long-range package is delivered

It is reported that the Jinkou 001 WE version 140kWh long-range package is equipped with Ningde era CTP 3.0 Kirin battery with a capacity of 140kWh. With the world’s first multi-functional elastic interlayer and large-area battery cooling technology, the CTP 3.0 Kirin battery achieves four-effect integration in four dimensions of ultra-long range, battery pack safety, battery life, and charging efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the strong range performance of the Jinkou 001.

After installing this package, the vehicle adopts a new rear motor containing silicon carbide technology, which improves the efficiency of the high-performance permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system to 95%, and can achieve a maximum of 38km CLTC comprehensive working condition range improvement. With low, medium, and high 3-level adjustable energy recovery level modes, the excess output energy of the Jinkou 001 can be efficiently recovered and converted into electric energy storage, bringing more solid range protection to the Jinkou 001.

The Jinkou 001 WE version 140kWh long-range package is delivered

At the beginning of this year, Jinkou released the Jinkou 001 with a long-range capability. Its exterior and interior have not changed, mainly upgrading its configuration and range. Among them, the WE version 100kWh model can be equipped with a 140kWh Ningde era Kirin battery pack. After choosing this package, the long-range version of the Jinkou 001 is priced at 403,000 yuan.

However, this car is not the ultimate in pure electric vehicle range. Currently, the pure electric vehicle with the furthest consistent range is the Mercedes EQXX concept car, which once achieved an amazing tested range of 1202 km and an energy consumption of only 8.3 kWh per 100 km.

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