Full of futuristic feeling! Revealed the patent design of Geely Galaxy Light, which is infinitely close to the concept car

Geely Galaxy Light's patent design is futuristic and close to the concept car

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, overseas media exposed a group of patent images of the high-end series of models under Geely – the Galaxy Light. The new car is positioned as a mid-size sedan with a coupe structure, and both the appearance and interior design showcase the future design style of Geely in the field of new energy. In addition, the production version of the new car is expected to be launched at the end of this year.

In terms of appearance, based on the patent images exposed this time, it is basically consistent with the previously unveiled concept version. Specifically, its front face adopts Geely’s ripple aesthetic design style, and reinterprets the ripple aesthetics through the design technique of light and electricity.

In terms of technology, the front face integrates high-definition cameras, radar sensors, and information display panels. Among them, the information panel is similar to the dynamic island of the iPhone, which can realize information interaction between vehicles and people.

In terms of configuration, it includes streaming media rearview mirrors, hidden door handles, side sentinel mode camera screens, NFC unlocking areas, charging ports, outdoor mobile charging power supplies, outdoor mobile lighting tools, etc.

In terms of interior design, although the “large screen” is already common in current new energy vehicle models, the rendering effect of the Dalian screen of this car is still shocking. In addition, the new car model has LED screens designed on the left and right door panels and in the rear row, forming a kind of “Galaxy Surrounding Screen”. It is worth mentioning that the front row can push vehicle information to the rear row for sharing, and they can also enjoy entertainment independently without disturbing each other. The rear row can also provide driving information assistance for the front row driver, such as navigation and destination sending.

As a new high-end new energy series under Geely, the models launched by Geely Galaxy will be built based on Geely’s new energy architecture, and will offer consumers a choice of plug-in hybrid and pure electric models. Geely Galaxy is a new high-end new energy series launched by Geely, dedicated to becoming a leader in China’s intelligent electric vehicle industry. The Light of Galaxy is the prototype of Geely Galaxy’s intelligent electric vehicle, and the carrier of Geely’s integrated car-making concept.

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