Price or close to 500,000 yuan! MG Cyberster debuted in the UK and will be available in 2024

MG Cyberster debuts in UK, priced at around 500,000 yuan and will be released in 2024

【PhoneAuto News】One month after the MG Cyberster made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, the automaker brought this pure electric concept sports car to its headquarters in Malvern, London and organized a special display event.

MG Cyberster

It is reported that this is the first time that the MG Cyberster has been exhibited overseas. The vehicle uses red, a color favored by many sports car manufacturers, and faithfully adheres to the traditional sports car styling with a long hood, large wheels, and a low waistline. However, the car is also equipped with scissor doors and a rear spoiler, and the vehicle adopts a two-seat convertible design, which looks even cooler.

Carl Gotham, MG’s Head of Advanced Design, talked about the creation process behind the Cyberster, stating that the car took MG back to its heyday of sports cars. After SAIC acquired MG, the brand’s product focus has been on SUVs, so having a two-seat sports car in its product lineup is undoubtedly very exciting for fans who previously fell in love with MG because of sports cars.

MG Cyberster

Although MG has not yet mentioned the power specifications of the new model, according to the new car declaration documents from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it will provide two powertrain options. The single-motor rear-wheel-drive version will have a maximum power of 310 horsepower (231 kW), while the dual-motor all-wheel-drive version will provide a powerful 536 horsepower (400 kW).

MG Cyberster

It is reported that the MG Cyberster will be launched in the UK and European markets in the summer of 2024. MG stated that the car will be the world’s first “affordable electric sports car” for ordinary people. Some media outlets have reported that the starting price of the single-motor rear-wheel-drive version in the UK will be around £55,000 (approximately RMB 478,600), while the starting price of the dual-motor all-wheel-drive version will be £65,000 (approximately RMB 565,600). If this news is true, it will compete with the BMW Z4.

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