Wuling Binge and Wuling Fruit have launched two new models with upgraded interior configurations, starting at a price of 80,800 yuan

Wuling has launched two new models of Binge and Fruit with improved interior, priced at 80,800 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On June 13th, the official website of Wuling showed that two new models of Wuling Baojun have been launched, the Enjoy+ and the Lingxi Interconnected+. Their prices are 80,800 yuan and 84,800 yuan respectively. Compared with the Enjoy and Lingxi Interconnected models, the Enjoy+ and Lingxi Interconnected+ have each increased by 1000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new models have basically remained unchanged, with a five-door design, and round headlights and taillights. In terms of size, the new car has a length of 3950mm, a width of 1708mm, a height of 1580mm, and a wheelbase of 2560mm.

Wuling Baojun

In terms of interior, the Wuling Baojun is equipped with a 7-inch LCD instrument panel, an electronic knob shifter, a double-sided steering wheel. The high-end model is also equipped with dual 10.25-inch screens, built-in LING OS system, providing leather seats, multifunctional steering wheel (with position adjustment), remote start, keyless entry, automatic parking, TCS traction control and ESC body stability control, etc. The new models also add ESP and AutoHold functions. In terms of space, the Wuling Baojun’s rear seats can be independently folded in a 5/5 split, with a total folded volume of up to 790L, which can accommodate seven 20-inch suitcases at the same time.

Wuling Baojun Interior

In terms of power and endurance, the new models of the Wuling Baojun remain unchanged, still equipped with a 50kW drive motor with a 31.9kWh battery pack, and a CLTC endurance mileage of 333km.

It is understood that the Wuling Baojun was launched on March 29th this year, and in just two months, its monthly sales have approached 20,000, becoming another popular model after the Hongguang MINIEV. According to official data released earlier, the sales of Wuling Baojun in May reached 18,015, an increase of 10% month-on-month, with a total sales volume of 42,154 units.

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