NIO Official 1,500 battery swapping stations and 16,204 charging piles have been built nationwide

1,500 battery swapping stations and 16,204 charging piles built nationwide by NIO Official

【PhoneAuto News】On June 25th, PhoneAuto learned that NIO officially announced the construction of 1500 battery swapping stations and 16204 charging piles nationwide. NIO stated that by 2023, it will have built more than 2300 battery swapping stations and over 24000 public charging piles, which will comprehensively improve user charging experience and effectively boost sales volume.


In addition, NIO has built a high-speed battery swapping network called the “6 vertical and 3 horizontal 8 major city clusters” in China. The third-generation battery swapping station and NIO’s 500kW supercharger have been put into operation. At the 2022 NIO Day, NIO released its third-generation battery swapping station. The new station adopts a brand-new three-position collaborative battery swapping mode, with a maximum daily battery swapping capacity of 408 times. It is equipped with 2 LIDAR sensors and 2 NVIDIA OrinX chips, with a total computing power of 508TOPS. It can realize vehicle call and battery swapping functions, use a self-developed liquid-cooled charging gun line that can be easily operated with one hand, has 21 battery compartments, and can provide up to 408 services per day, a 30% increase from the previous generation battery swapping station.

NIO battery swapping station

In the first quarter of 2023, NIO’s research and development investment reached 3.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74.6%. Li Bin stated in a conference call that NIO will continue to adhere to long-term competitive construction. NIO’s research and development investment for each quarter this year will be maintained at 3 billion to 3.5 billion yuan. The next few years will still be an important stage for the research and development and mass production of high-performance intelligent electric vehicle core technology and new products. This means that NIO’s research and development investment has entered a stable period.

It is worth mentioning that recently, Abu Dhabi investment firm CYVN Holdings invested $1.1 billion (approximately RMB 8 billion) in NIO, and the two parties have signed a share subscription agreement. Chairman Jassem Al Zaabi said: “Our strategic investment in NIO comes from our high recognition of NIO’s leading brand position in the intelligent electric vehicle market, innovative high-end products, and highly competent technology.”

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