Infiniti replaces brand new logo, netizens say If you didn’t mention it, I really wouldn’t have noticed

Infiniti's new logo goes unnoticed by netizens

【PhoneAuto News】In the current trend of electrification, many car companies have decided to reflect their emphasis on electrification by changing their logos and better highlighting their brand characteristics. Following Buick, Volkswagen, Kia and other manufacturers, the Japanese luxury brand, Infiniti, recently announced an upgrade to its brand logo, launching a new brand logo and a new three-dimensional logo.

Infiniti’s new logo

According to Infiniti’s official introduction, the core inspiration of the new logo comes from the two design concepts of “the road of infinity” and “the horizon”. The new logo is the first to use a “dynamic horizon” visual design, declaring Infiniti’s firm belief in creating infinite possibilities towards a new dawn. The wider opening at the bottom of the new logo may also imply greater possibilities. In addition, the sharp point inside the original logo will also be changed. The old version of the logo ends with a sharp point, while the new version will extend two straight lines into the background.

Infiniti’s old logo

Infiniti also unveiled a new three-dimensional logo, which expresses vitality, sportiness, and strength. The new logo will illuminate the engine hood of Infiniti’s new models. It will be used in some Infiniti models in the future and will also support lighting. However, the company has not revealed which vehicles will be the first to use it. In addition to the logo, Infiniti has also increased the spacing between letters. The manufacturer said that this change helps to visually highlight the horizon.

Infiniti 3D logo

Although the new logo has been changed, the subtle difference makes it difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. Many netizens have expressed that if it weren’t for the official announcement, they would not have noticed that Infiniti had changed its logo. However, some netizens also expressed that in the current trend of other brands moving towards flat design, it is commendable that Infiniti is still able to launch a three-dimensional logo.

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