Suzuki launches affordable small car in India, priced at around 42,000 yuan and also offers a natural gas version

Suzuki launches affordable small car in India, priced at around 42,000 yuan and also offers a natural gas version

【PhoneAuto News】In emerging markets, mini cars often achieve good sales due to their cheaper prices and more convenient driving performance. The success of Wuling Hong Guang MINIEV in China proves this point. As the best-developed domestic car manufacturer in India, Suzuki has launched a mini car, Suzuki Tour H1, in the country, which is also an emerging market. With a starting price of 480,500 Indian rupees (about 42,000 yuan), it has good competitiveness.

Suzuki Tour H1

From the appearance point of view, the difference between Suzuki Tour H1 and Alto, which debuted last year, is limited to the unpainted front and rear bumpers. Perhaps to save costs, the plastic bumper in front of Suzuki Tour H1 is unpainted black, forming a sharp contrast with the silver-white body. The vehicle is not equipped with reinforcement ribs or car radios, and everything about the car is designed to meet basic needs.

Suzuki Alto and Tour H1

Inside, Suzuki Tour H1 is not equipped with an entertainment touch screen, but still provides a digital speedometer, dual airbags, air conditioning, and a 1-liter bottle rack on the door pocket. In addition, the 3.53-meter-long car still has a second-row seat and provides basic headrests to improve comfort and safety.

Suzuki Tour H1 Instrument Panel

As for power, the engine under the hood of this car is equipped with Suzuki’s 1.0-liter K-series gasoline engine, which can provide 66 horsepower (49 kW) and 89 N·m of torque. The engine also provides a liquefied natural gas version with lower operating costs, but the power will drop to 56 horsepower (42 kW) and 82.1 N·m of torque. However, both models are only equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. In terms of price, the liquefied natural gas version is more expensive than the gasoline version, with a price of 570,500 Indian rupees, equivalent to about 50,000 yuan.

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