Providing Multiple Power Options Spy Shots of the All-New Toyota C-HR Test Expose, Expected to be Released Before the End of the Year

All-new Toyota C-HR spy shots reveal multiple power options, expected to release before year-end

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to foreign media reports, a test vehicle for a new model under Toyota appeared on the track. From the spy photos taken, it is likely that the car will be the prototype of the newly redesigned C-HR.

Toyota C-HR Prologue Concept Car

Since the new compact SUV C-HR Prologue concept car was announced at a media briefing in Europe in December last year, news about the car has often appeared in media reports. It is reported that the new car is expected to debut later this year. Although the test vehicle in the spy photos is disguised, the appearance looks very similar to the previous C-HR concept car. The most striking feature is the front grille of the vehicle, whose biggest feature is that the front headlights extend to the sides of the fenders, which is very consistent with the appearance of the concept car.

New Toyota C-HR spy photos

Toyota previously stated that this new car will provide two power modes: hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV), just like the new Prius. However, it is not clear what platform the new C-HR will use. However, Toyota may use its E3 platform announced in 2021. The E3 platform combines elements of Toyota’s TNGA platform for gasoline vehicles and e-TNGA platform for EVs, enabling it to support both gasoline and electric power modes. If the E3 platform is adopted, it also means that the new C-HR may have a pure electric model.

New Toyota C-HR Spy Shots

The all-new next-generation CH-R may also have a longer wheelbase, which will improve the interior space. According to foreign media reports, the current C-HR was crowned the most dissatisfied car in a user survey in the United States, and a considerable number of consumers are dissatisfied with the space of this car. However, there are also reports that the new CH-R may not be available in the United States because Toyota’s bZ4X electric SUV, which will be launched in 2021, may become its replacement.

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