Tesla was exposed to the phenomenon of seat peeling, which may be a common problem with artificial leather interiors

Tesla experienced seat peeling, a possible issue with synthetic leather interiors

【PhoneAuto News】If you plan to buy a Tesla in the near future, you must understand artificial leather and its durability. Recently, there have been reports from Tesla owners that the leather seats of their vehicles have started to peel off.


A foreign netizen posted several pictures of the interior of his Tesla car on the internet. From the pictures, it can be seen that the artificial leather on the headrests and backrests of the car seats have peeled off. The car owner said that in addition to being unsightly, the bigger problem is that these pieces of peeled leather will stick to clothes and leave difficult-to-clean stains.

Netizens report that the Tesla interior is peeling off

Other car owners have asked what caused this situation, and some car owners have suggested going to the manufacturer for maintenance. However, the car owner said that the vehicle has driven 67,000 miles and is already beyond the warranty period. Some netizens suspect that the situation may have been caused by improper operation by the car owner, but the car owner said that the seat has never been cleaned with a specific product. A few days ago, another Tesla owner on Reddit said that his Model 3 with a mileage of 85,000 miles also began to show signs of accelerated aging of the leather. The driver’s seat and door handle of the vehicle looked like they had been burned by a lighter. However, some netizens still explained for Tesla, saying that it may be caused by the car owner’s “corrosive” sweat.

Tesla interior

Since the end of 2016, Tesla has stopped mandating the use of animal leather, and customers can choose to go the environmentally friendly route of synthetic leather. Only three years later, synthetic leather has become the only option. Recently, the company updated its synthetic leather, claiming that it is soft, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and waterproof. It should be noted that synthetic leather is made by using a substrate, which is then coated and laminated to create a leather-like appearance. Compared to traditional leather, synthetic leather can be mass-produced and can have a more diverse range of colors and appearances, but there is still a certain gap in terms of feel and luxury compared to real leather.

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