BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition Released Significant Upgrade on Front Face, Starting at 135,800 RMB

BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition released with upgraded front face, starting at 135,800 RMB

【PhoneAuto News】BYD has launched another champion version of its new energy vehicle!

On May 25th, the BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition was officially released, with a price range of RMB 135,800 to 159,800. Specifically, the new car’s 71km leading version is priced at RMB 135,800, the 71km surpassing version is priced at RMB 142,800, the 110km surpassing version is priced at RMB 149,800, and the 110km superior version is priced at RMB 159,800.

In terms of exterior design, the new car has been upgraded in several details, with chrome dot elements added to the dragon scale hexagonal grille, and the shape of the two side air intakes looks more sporty. In terms of body size, the new car is 4738/1860.1710mm in length, width, and height, with a wheelbase of 2712mm. In addition, the new car also adds a new “Distant Mountain Green” car paint color and “Clear Moon Rice” interior color scheme.

In terms of configuration, the Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition brings panoramic sunroof, 3D panoramic transparent image, main driver 6-way electric seat, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, DiLink4.0 intelligent network system, NFC full-scenario digital key (Apple + Android), intelligent up and down power function, mobile APP cloud service remote car control, mobile remote driving, mobile Bluetooth key, and CN95 high-efficiency filter (air conditioning high-temperature sterilization) and other functions.

Finally, in terms of power, the Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition is equipped with the DM-i super hybrid system. The maximum horsepower of the 1.5L four-cylinder “Xiaoyun” naturally aspirated engine is 81kW, the maximum power of the driving motor is 145kW, and the official announced power consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.4L. The comprehensive range on a full tank of gas and a full charge is 1090km. In addition, the new car is equipped with DC fast charging and VTOL mobile power station as standard, making charging very convenient.

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