Smart Elf #3 is expected to start delivery in June or be priced from 210,000 yuan for sale

Expected delivery of Smart Elf #3 is in June, priced from 210,000 yuan for sale

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, a pure electric compact SUV will be officially launched on June 1st and deliveries will begin at the end of June. The starting price is expected to be 210,000 yuan. In addition, the official stated that the smart elf #3 will be launched in the European market in 2024. The new car continues to follow the “emotional and sharp” design philosophy tailored for the smart brand by the Mercedes-Benz global design team.

smart elf #3

In terms of appearance, the smart elf #3 continues the dynamic and agile design style of smart and adopts the overall shape of a crossover vehicle. In terms of details, the continuous light strip connecting the internal structure of the two headlights has slightly changed, the lower grille of the front bumper has a larger opening, and there are oblique fog light area air inlets on both sides. The #3 overall adopts a shape similar to a coupe, with a sloping windshield and roof line, which makes it look more sporty.

From the side, the new car places the smart circular logo on the front fender to improve overall recognition. In addition, the hidden door handles and aerodynamic wheel designs are both designed to ensure a harmonious style while reducing vehicle wind resistance. In addition, the smart elf #3 also has a sleek design, making the new car more like a coupe-SUV. The color-blocking roof of the inspiration circle will also appear as an optional kit on the new car.

In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4400/1844/1556mm and a wheelbase of 2785mm.

smart elf #3

Regarding the interior design, the new car still uses the family-style design language for its creation. The T-shaped center console layout and the suspended large screen are present. The air conditioning vent design below the center console is circular, which is noticeably different from the elliptical design of Smart Elf #1. The new car’s center screen reaches 12.8 inches and is equipped with the “Inspiration Planet” Smart OS full-scenario digital ecological car system, with a chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155. Smart Elf #3 also brings a new Avatar voice assistant – Cheetah, with 40 image actions and 6 exclusive actions, making the in-car interaction more engaging.

Regarding the power system, according to previous reports, Smart Elf #3 will have at least two power versions, possibly a single motor and a dual motor version. The two power options provide 152 horsepower or 268 horsepower, which is similar to the power of Smart #1.

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