Baojun Yue also pre-announces its configuration, with a range of up to 303km It will be launched on May 24th

Baojun Yue to launch on May 24th with a range of up to 303km

【PhoneAuto News】Since the official release of the design, the Baojun Yue Ye has been receiving a lot of attention. On May 19th, PhoneAuto noticed that the Baojun officially announced the specific configuration of the Baojun Yue Ye. The new car provides two configurations, the flagship version and the intelligent version, and will be officially launched on May 25th.

Baojun Yue Ye

The Baojun Yue Ye applies the design concept of the iWatch to automobiles. The car’s Car-watch is like a watch, horizontally spanning between the two tail lights of the Yue Ye. The screen is a 300mm long and 256mm wide LED electronic screen, and the screen display content can be DIYed by users with various graphics and videos. In addition, users can also decorate the “strap” according to the content of the screen, creating a more personalized and diverse social life. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3381mm × 1685mm × 1721mm, and the wheelbase is 2110mm.

Baojun Yue Ye Interior

In terms of interior, the Baojun Yue Ye adopts the design language of a playful cockpit, and there are two colors to choose from: “monologue” and “self-black”. The new car has a full sense of technological sensation with dual 10.25-inch continuous screens, and the rounded rectangular air outlet of the air conditioner is decorated with chrome. The shift is knob-type.

In terms of power, the Baojun Yue Ye is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a range of 303km, a power battery capacity of 28.1kW·h, a maximum torque of 140N·m, and a maximum speed of 100km/h. The new car is equipped with a McPherson independent front suspension and a three-link integral bridge rear suspension, and adopts rear-wheel drive.

Regarding safety configurations, the Baojun Yue includes dual front airbags for both the driver and passenger, warning-type safety belts, ESC electronic stability control system, ABS anti-lock braking system, hill-start assist function, as well as reverse camera/front and rear radar as standard safety features. The top-end model also includes six active safety configurations including AEB automatic emergency braking system, FCW forward collision warning, and BSD blind spot monitoring.

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