The race is over! F1 officials announced the cancellation of this weekend’s F1 Imola Station due to heavy rain

F1 Imola Station this weekend is canceled due to heavy rain, officials announced

【PhoneAuto News】After a week of rest, the 2023 F1 Grand Prix will enter a three-race sequence this week, but due to recent flooding in Italy, it seems difficult for the F1 Imola Grand Prix to proceed normally this week. On May 17th, F1 officially announced that due to the severe flooding in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, the F1 Imola Grand Prix scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.

Imola Circuit

In the official announcement, F1 stated that after discussions between F1, the FIA President, relevant departments and ministers, the Chairman of the Italian Automobile Club, the Chairman of the Emilia-Romagna region, the mayor, and the event promoter, it has been decided to cancel the weekend activities of the F1 Grand Prix in Imola. F1 hopes to express its concern for the people and communities affected by recent disasters in the Emilia-Romagna region. At the same time, we also want to express our respect for the efforts of emergency service personnel who are doing their best to help those in need.

F1 stated in the official announcement that, given the current situation in the towns in the region, it is the correct and responsible decision to cancel the event to ensure a safe race for fans, teams, and staff. In this difficult time, we cannot add to the burden of local authorities and emergency services.

F1 official announcement

Due to extreme weather conditions including heavy rain in Italy in recent weeks, the event organizers’ meteorological department warned that the most severely affected areas received 100 mm of rain on Tuesday, and it is estimated that the average cumulative rainfall will reach about 150 mm by the end of Wednesday. Due to the risk of serious floods, after an emergency meeting held by the crisis department, it was suggested that schools in the area be closed and roads that may be flooded be avoided, and people should try to stay indoors as much as possible.

According to the previous plan, as the F1 tire provider, Pirelli plans to launch a brand new full wet tire in this race. Pirelli claims that the new tire can be used directly without warming up. Its responsible person said that the track test showed that even without preheating, the performance of the new full wet tire is better than the previous generation. However, if you want to see the new full wet tire put into use, you may have to wait until the next race at the Monte Carlo circuit in Morocco.

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