Toyota forecasts a net profit of 258 trillion yen for the full year, setting a new record high for the 2022 fiscal year

Toyota predicts a record net profit of 258 trillion yen for the 2022 fiscal year

【PhoneAuto News】As a global automotive giant, Toyota, although affected by the overall industry environment, adjusts its status very quickly. According to PhoneAuto, Toyota achieved historic results in the 2022 fiscal year, with sales reaching a new high. In terms of future development, Toyota also demonstrated confidence.


On May 19th, Toyota released its performance report, predicting a net profit of 2.58 trillion yen (approximately RMB 131 billion) for the full year. However, this figure is lower than the analyst’s expected 2.73 trillion yen, indicating that Toyota did not adopt an overly aggressive development strategy.

PhoneAuto learned that Toyota recently released its financial report. Under the influence of the depreciation of the yen and the growth of global sales, Toyota’s sales in the 2022 fiscal year (from April 2022 to March 2023) reached a historic high. However, due to factors such as rising raw material prices, the main business profit and net profit both declined.

Specifically, in the 2022 fiscal year, Toyota’s sales increased by 18.4% to 37.15 trillion yen; net profit attributable to the parent company decreased by 14% to 2.45 trillion yen; operating profit, which represents the main business income of the company, fell by 9% to 2.73 trillion yen. Toyota expects that as production, sales and operations continue to improve, the company’s sales in the 2023 fiscal year are expected to increase by 2.3% to 38 trillion yen; operating profit is expected to increase by 10.1% to 3 trillion yen.

For Toyota, electrification is a top priority to achieve new highs in the new fiscal year. Toyota President Akio Toyoda emphasized that he will vigorously strengthen the pure electric vehicle business and establish a specialized organization called “BEV Factory”. Toyoda reiterated that Toyota will launch 10 new pure electric vehicle models by 2026, with the goal of increasing global annual sales of pure electric vehicles to 1.5 million.

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