Implementation starts from June 1st! 36 cities pilot the promotion of video services for minor traffic accidents

Video services for minor traffic accidents to be piloted in 36 cities starting from June 1st

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, the Ministry of Public Security has announced the “10 Convenient Measures for Development of Public Security and Traffic Management Services for the Masses”. The 10 new measures are divided into three aspects: deepening the facilitation of reducing certificates, serving the public’s travel needs, and innovating “Internet + traffic management” services, covering vehicle registration and licensing, urban traffic order, accident and violation processing, driver education and examination, and rural traffic safety management.

It is reported that from June 1, 2023, the first batch of 36 cities nationwide will pilot the online video fast handling service for minor traffic accidents. Currently, the relevant function links have been opened in the 12123 traffic management app, and will be implemented from June 1.

After an accident occurs, the parties involved can report it through the “12123” app via video. The system will automatically locate the accident location information. During the processing, the parties can switch the front and rear cameras of their mobile phones, cooperate in evidence collection on the spot, and complete the on-site safety protection, damage confirmation, and information collection under the guidance of the traffic management department.

The parties involved can check the progress of accident handling through the “12123” app; after the accident liability is determined, the parties will be notified via text message, and the parties can check the accident liability and electronic documents through the “12123” app. The accident identification document does not require the parties’ signatures. The use of this function requires the following three conditions to be met: minor traffic accidents caused by seven common accident causes, such as rear-end collisions, lane changes, failure to yield, violation of traffic signals, wrong-way driving, reversing, and running red lights. The parties involved have no illegal behaviors such as driving without a license, drunk driving, or hit-and-run, and the vehicle has compulsory traffic accident insurance and is in normal condition; the parties’ mobile phones support video calls.

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